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  1. Trailer Tire Pressures - What are you runnin?

    PB Open Water
    Did a search but nothing on pressures. I have tow masters that are 3 years old, on 25 howard bullet - it is stored indoors all year in San Diego. I picked it up today to bring home to Orange County and got a blow out - I have maybe 2,500 miles on them - home from Tahoe and back and forth to...
  2. runnin the rc's

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Well are we runnin the trucks today? After my accident Im all taped up and ready to go.
  3. Runnin with the DLB Crew Sat 11/22...

    Orwood for breakfast...Lighthouse, Tower, Sugar Barge...Garlic Bros....and 250 miles thru the Delta....Bring the big bunch...:D
  4. anybody runnin a amt extension housing?

    Jet Boats
    anybody got pics of a amt 6in extension installed? wanna see how fellas are wedge'n em;)
  5. Runnin' out of Channel Islands this Sat (all invited)...

    PB Open Water
    Potential 6 boats running out of channel Islands Harbor this weekend. 42 Fountain 35 playboy Cig 38 Top Gun 38 Top gun 38 T/S Top gun 35 Playboy cig I anyone else is interested in rolling be at the C.I. launch ramp about 10 a.m. We're leaving around 11-1130 to run up to Ventura for lunch. Nice...
  6. anybody runnin the hph place brand snoot?

    Jet Boats
    widowmaker suggested this hph snoot and it sure looks like what i need to reduce transom lift and add a bit to the holeshot. anybody currently using 1? whatya think of it?
  7. Anyone runnin the Hi-Helix impeller.

    Jet Boats
    Any thoughts? I have to blame my gps #'s sunday on something, so before I go impellar hunting (for used) I wondered if the hi helix was worth the x-tra $. BTW I have an ab cut , and think it would run better with a "b". Not enougph difference to worry about?
  8. anybody runnin dominator 1050hp ? having trouble with mine??

    GN7 On the Dyno
    i finally took my tx out yesterday to break it in on the water and everything is doin great, but i've got a weird problem happenin at cruise speed where the carb wants to act like its a rev limiter. it is a 3 circuit deal, is this the 3rd circuit working at part throttle?? if i had to say, it...