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  1. Political Rhetoric
    So there is more info pointing to Fox being a Russia propaganda outlet.....(Here posted from the Observer) That said, it’s not difficult to divine why Hannity remains on the air. He’s a headliner, the network’s most prominent talker and nighttime draw for its pro-Trump viewers. Moreover...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    More and more ties between Russia, Putin and the NRA........Kil, kill, kill is helping russia.... The NRA’s cozy ties with Russia In December 2015, Butina’s Russian gun-rights organization called the Right to Bear Arms sponsored an NRA delegation to Moscow where attendees met with influential...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    Pentagon Whistleblower Exposes Trump Campaign Spy Stefan Halper’s Significant Ties to Russia “It Was All a Set-Up” Adam Lovinger, a former Defense Department analyst, never expected that what he stumbled on during his final months at the Pentagon would expose an integral player in the FBI’s...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    It's starting to surface how the past administration had kept the lid on the investigations into Democratic influences by Russia. Well, the has started to come loose. Uranium One Deal: Obama Administration Complicit, Not Just | National Review Now Democrats have a Russia problem | New York...
  5. Political Rhetoric
    Next level... pretty scary and real imo.. I wonder how trump will react to this?.. during the campaign he was to the left of hillary... (not saying much) hopefully he doesen't get his dicksize anxiety and goes the hard line.. whachu guys think?
  6. Political Rhetoric
    All this talk about how Russia Interfered in our election....does anyone actually know HOW this went about?
  7. Political Rhetoric
    I've always said not to worry about Iran and No. Korea as much as we have to worry about China and Russia. Those two have been colluding behind the scenes for decades. China and Russia to hold joint drills in South China Sea - BBC News
  8. Political Rhetoric
    Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine - Washington Free Beacon So O has drastically cut back our military capabilities a Russia and China are drastically expanding theirs including their nuke capabilities.
  9. Political Rhetoric
    did he draw a red line? what a joke!
  10. Political Rhetoric
    What is going on in this world? First the Russian take charge in Syria (as a way of getting the US out of it because we want to be isolationists), they roll into the Ukraine and basically took it and the Germans are the ones leading the charge. I've think I've seen this on the History channel...
  11. PB Open Water
    Congrats to the US team, winning their match against Russia, some of the best Rugby games so far for me. It would be nice seeing them play against the Springboks. Russia (6) - USA (13) Wikus
  12. PB Open Water
    Maybe we could learn a thing or two from these guys, the libs will howl how unfair but to me, fuck'em NSF All explanations are in Russian with a single exception of when a wounded pirate says something in English and the Russian soldier says "This is not a fishing boat". All conversations...
  13. Political Rhetoric
    The following first appeared on Posted on Jun 14, 2009 By Chris Hedges This week marks the end of the dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency. It marks the start of a terrible period of...
  14. Political Rhetoric
    News say China has fired a test weapon shooting down one of it's own weather units. Either their testing the weapon for a reason or being environmentally friendly by cleaning up after themselves. My guess is not the latter based on the condition of their polluted country. Sooner or later China...