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  1. Does This Make You Feel Safe?

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama wants 100,000 Syrian refugees to come to the US. Some through our program and some through the UN's resettlement program. This should make you feel comfortable. Jeh Johnson: We Don’t Know ‘a Whole Lot’ About Syrian Refugees Coming to US Through UN Program
  2. 2015 Big Cat viewing from safe locations

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Tamara and I will be out on Saturday watching parts of the Big Cat Poker Run. We will have Tam's parents (80ish years old) with us so the bimini will be up all day and won't be hitting anything like Windmill or Nena's. I'm guessing we will be somewhere on the SJR when the big boys head west...
  3. Have a safe 4th!!

    Hope everyone has a safe Holiday weekend!:):):):)
  4. Lake Boat that's fast and safe

    Jet Boats
    Guys, i've been jet boating for a few years now and currently have a Taylor SJ, with a 505. Cool boat but i'm thinking about selling it for something a little different. The truth is, the wife is forcing me to buy a pontoon boat next year. It's not all bad, she is going to let me keep the SJ and...
  5. Do you practice safe boating?

    PB Open Water
    Do you practice safe boating?03/12/2015 0 Comments Well its official we’re calling it spring! This past Sunday we enjoyed a great day out on the water and our first suntan of the season. The waterways were busy with lots of folks out enjoying the weather. We’re hearing from folks up north...
  6. Have a safe weekend taint stains...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    just want to tell everyone to have a safe weekend and have some fun...dont be afraid to catch a cab or sleep on a couch if ya had to many!! hope to see ya foks on the water sunday:)hand
  7. Hoping you California Boaters are SAFE!

    PB Open Water
    Hoping each of you in Southern California are safe from the fires! We are thinking of you in our prayers and hope you and your families are safe! Randy
  8. Government Workers Furloughed But At Least The Gophers Are Safe

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems like government workers have found out how important they are to O after supporting him. They get furloughed but a base gets a $3.5M grant from the DOJ to save the gophers around them. Too bad this administration has no idea how to do a budget. Military spending millions to protect...
  9. What octane Fuel is safe to run?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I am clueless when it comes to compression ratio and the proper octane to run in in an engine. In particular, I want to make sure I am running the proper fuel in my engine. I have ben running 100 octane, but would like to know if it would be safe to run as low as 91. Below is the specs for my...
  10. Be safe this weekend......

    Jet Boats
    Be safe, That's all. S CP :happy: Jon

    PB Open Water
  12. looking for a safe place to stay around texarkana

    WFL Crew
    we are getting ready to take a ride up into arkansas on our harleys and we are looking for a motel/hotel/ bed and breakfast where we wont worry about our bikes all night. we will be in texarkana area first night, we have accomodations the rest of the week.
  13. Safe to use CLR to clean chrome headers?

    Jet Boats
    Is it?
  14. Ya'll be safe this weekend

    PB Open Water
    Around my local lakes, this weekend is "last chance" boating, alot of idiots doing what idiots careful. I purposely avoid my local 8,500 acre commode this weekend. Lots of entertainment to be had at the ramps.:D Jamie
  15. Key safe?

    PB Open Water
    I've told my step-brat woes on here before; her mother has finally decided that we need to get some sort of key safe to lock up all the car keys when we are out of the house. I'd like it to be a combo/touch screen so both of us can get into it. We have several keys to lock up, so the little...
  16. Everyone be safe going to CP.

    Jet Boats
    On our way to Meadview AZ. East lake Mead Test boat couple days then to CP. Staying California Inn. See ya Saturday morning.:happy: Were taking a sea doo thru the grand Canyon to the Sky Walk.....:)eh:)
  17. How Much HP Safe on a 1-inch Shaft?

    How much HP can you safely run with a 1-inch prop shaft? Thinking of leaving the 29% gears in my 22 Schiada and just building a bigger motor. 650-700 HP?
  18. Fiberglass safe stripper

    Jet Boats
    Is the any product that anyone's heard of or had any type of experience with?
  19. is it safe to fire up my jet boat in the driveway?

    Jet Boats
    as long as the water hose is hooked up to it? I need to do some carb tuning and was wondering if it can be done in the driveway, it's my first boat and a friend told me it's not safe to fire up a jet boat out of the lake, is he right? my boat is a 1973 sleekcraft 23' with a 455 olds and im not...
  20. Need gun safe moved________Mission Viejo area

    PB Open Water
    I need to have a gun safe moved in to the house. Looking for someone experienced that can move it. Thanks for any help! Safe is ready to be moved this week. Brett