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  1. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Just bought a Chris Craft xk19 and right in front of the windshield on the stbd side there is a major dip in the fiberglass like there was something sitting on it for years. I will take a pic and send it in a bit, but does something like that sound fixable? Theres actually 2 but the other is...
  2. sag

    West Coast - South
    anybody going tomorrow saturday?:wink2:
  3. West Coast - South
    Anyone heading to Saguaro Saturday? 83° on Saturday so says the experts
  4. West Coast - South
    Ill be a passenger on a wake boat today if all goes well. Weather is going to be perfect!
  5. West Coast - South
    Aug 1st 7:00 AM till whenever.... front (big beach)... Its Bad Bettys birthday!!!! So all of you that are not going to Apache or wherever this weekend, come out and celebrate with us!!!! Its a big one too... Im turning 29.... AGAIN!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE. :D
  6. West Coast - South
    It started out great Sunday AM. Got to the lake with Kyle and cruised all around till around 9am when we saw Keith and his crew at the docks. From the vids everything looked and sounded fine As soon as we get to the no wake bouy in the back I hear a scary sound. At first we thought it may be...
  7. West Coast - South
    What a great day today was. Hanging with Keith, Jen & Kyle in Kieths 22' Daytona. Thats a sweet boat. I don't ride with to many people but I'm glad to have been / invited myself with Kieth & Jen. The beach was packed by 10A. Hopdaddy Mike & Family were out there Good to see you & the Fam Mike...
  8. West Coast - South
    Jake called me today and asked if i wanted to make a trip to the east side this coming weekend and said we would hit up sag in his boat since mine is being serviced and new water pump put in. im just curious who all is planning on being out there im still not sure if i can make it or not but...
  9. West Coast - South
    Buddy from work was out yesterday, saw a boat go up in flames around echo beach. He thinks it was a 21 footer. He told me it was a jet, and by the time he got there there was nothing left. Hope eveyone was ok and got to shore. Anyone else hear anything??
  10. West Coast - South
    Who's in for Sunday?
  11. West Coast - South
    I may have my exhaust problem licked. Saturday, myself & Marco are going to see if relocating the water dump fitting on the thermo housing and an aluminum sleeve is going to do the trick. I'm gunna jet up. maybe I can cool her down a tad. So in closing, ROLL CALL for Saturday:)devil
  12. West Coast - South
    Any of you " HARDCORES " planning on doing the New Years day run at sag. ????? Every year the group gets smaller , Sure would be COOL to see all the Eastsiders & there rides back at the beach area , and what a way to start ... 09 off !!!!! :)bulb
  13. West Coast - South
    You have been warned! :|err They are in a white and yellow tahiti.
  14. West Coast - South
    I know its early. That was cool seeing all them jets up front. I'm just trying to plan whether I'm hanging up front or headed to sandy beach.
1-14 of 14 Results