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  1. West Coast - South
    Awsome day on the lake . Not real busy, no heavy current , not super hot , and great friends that I haven't seen on the lake in a few years . Good to see Big Perm and April,Vin Dog and Jen , Cave , Tyro and Shannon. Thanks for hanging out . The mothership is in full effect and will will be...
  2. West Coast - South
    Anyone one doing this this year?
  3. West Coast - South
    Who is heading to Saguaro this weekend? Looking to see how the beach has been in the back lately, plenty of sand?
  4. West Coast - South
    Who's going to be out there on Sunday. Im planning on taking the boat out hopefully some of the eastsiders will be therefore
  5. Jet Boats
    Met up with Paul and Steve from New Mexico here locally. Paul aka Outlaw and Steve aka Old Man. were in town getting some tuning tips Met up at our local pond and took some pics.
  6. West Coast - South
    We will be camping at either the second, 3rd, or 4th cove tomorrow night & Saturday night. Stop by and have a cold beverage or 3. We will have the generator & tv along with 3 or 4 boats. Should be a great weekend.
  7. West Coast - South
    Anyone going?
  8. West Coast - South
    Why not. Its sunny and at 75° it should be nice enough to float!
  9. West Coast - South
    Anybody headed to Saguaro this weekend. Looking to hookup and enjoy the day on Saturday. :D
  10. West Coast - South
    So I heard something about a band and a party at Sag on the weekend of Aug 15th. Anyone know anything about this?
  11. West Coast - South
    4PM Thats how I roll :D Anyone game to join me?
  12. West Coast - South
    Man what a great day to see all those who showed up today at Sag… Chenna ran good even in those 4’ swells that a certain boat was making at the channel entrance. It sucked & didn’t do the kidneys any good. Had a wakeboater bring me back a life jacket that blew out earlier in the day. Cool...
  13. West Coast - South
    Anyone hitting saguaro this weekend????
  14. West Coast - South
    Anyone Know A Companies That Pull Boats Up.. Partners Boat Sunk Yesterday At Sag...
  15. West Coast - South
    The day started off this way. “Man our guys in uniform are bad ass” While getting AV Gas at Falcon Field we stumbled upon the meanest war machines in the world. The 5 oh asked us to wait till they took off before we proceeded to the fuel pumps. Take a second to check this out. There were 6...
  16. West Coast - South
    Not a bad dat at the lake. A little windy but good none the less. met some new people that were out . Keith was killing it in the 22 footer again. cant wait for sunday
  17. West Coast - South
    Ill be out there burning some fuel. Who's going tomorrow and what time? 1. Spitter (solo)
  18. West Coast - South
    So it Begins, Ty, Keith & Bubba & Sunburn a friend and I were tearing it up Today. Shake & Bake. Ricky Bobby is back:)devil And of coarse the camera phone vids What a great day to be on the water. Thanks guys for coming out. Thanks Jay:)devil
  19. West Coast - South
    Who's down for a run Sunday afternoon? I'm thinking about dumping the boat in the water around 10 or 11am on Sunday.....Who's down?:)devil
  20. West Coast - South
    Well what a great weekend. Rob and I, Brian and Erin (hope i spelled it right), went out to the old saguaro for a two dayer. Jimmy and Marko joined us each day :)devil, Rob and I had spark issues on the first day but that ole' dragster19 hooked us up ;) it worked beautiful randy and we were...
1-20 of 48 Results