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  1. U.S. homicide rate vs new gun sales

    Political Rhetoric
    For all of you that support stricter gun laws/controls, please explain the following fact - The FBI has announced that the U.S. homicide rate is at a 51 year low, yet the number of new guns in the U.S. has increased 141%. See the attached graph of homicide rate (red) in relation to new gun...
  2. [For Sale] Mega Sales Apple iPhone 6s 16GB $450 Hot deals

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Free Shipping worldwide via FedEx Only. Two to Three Days to deliver Tracking Your Order We provide tracking number Once the shipment is done. Shipping Multiple Packages Yes we do ship to various addresses Delivering Your Package We ship Packages, Monday to Friday To purchase inquiry (AT)...
  3. Contact for Dallas Gardner @ Prop sales

    Anyone have a phone # for Dallas?
  4. Sales Tax question

    PB Open Water
    I have searched for this but not really found an answer. I know a private party sale in AZ there is not tax. But I am looking at another somewhat unique situation. I am looking at a boat in Havasu registered in CA sold by a dealer (I believe the dealer is registered as a CA dealer too) but I...
  5. Under 23' Sanger Flat bottom for Sales

    Boats for Sale
    1973 SANGER 17'10" Flat Bottom Boat Gale Banks built L-6 , two four barrel carbs, Has Casale in & out 2 pedals Cavitation override. 12,700 Obo Bullhead City AZ Call Tim for more details at 928 897-3055 Will post pics soon!!
  6. Sales taxes vs. State income taxes

    Political Rhetoric
    So the great state of Louisiana and Gov. Bobby Jindal have made eliminating the state income tax a part of this year's agenda. Great news. Hurrah for us. HOWEVER, I am completely against the way they are doing it and cannot support it. And no I'm not a liberal. They want to make it "revenue...
  7. Boat sales

    PB Open Water
    I have been trying to sell a V-drive cruiser for a while now. Selling it cheap in my opinion. I can't even generate questions or discussion about it. On the other hand. Since the wife thinks we need a larger boat I have been browsing all of the listing from PB to boat trader to craigslist and I...
  8. NJBA Thudner in the Channel fuel sales

    Jet Boats
    Fuel Sales for NJBA's Thunder in the Channel 5 will be onsite at the Lake Elsinore track this Friday only from 12 noon until 5pm. Please call into Cristy Chavez to preorder your fuel. (562) 432-3946. You can make it easier by pre-paying over the phone if you are unable to make it by closing...
  9. NJBA Thudner in the Channel fuel sales

    Fuel Sales for NJBA's Thunder in the Channel 5 will be onsite at the Lake Elsinore track this Friday only from 12 noon until 5pm. Please call into Cristy Chavez to preorder your fuel. (562) 432-3946. You can make it easier by pre-paying over the phone if you are unable to make it by closing...
  10. OBAMACAREE SALES tax on home saleS????

    Political Rhetoric
    Is this bull shit? Or is this another shoe dropping on the OBAMACARE MESS??? Sell you $$600,000 house a and pay almost $25,000 in Obamacare Sales Tax???? (Begins in 2013).... WILL YOU SELL YOUR HOUSE AFTER 2012 National Association of REALTORS is all over this and working to get it...
  11. Sales Tax

    PB Open Water
    What happened. Got a email the other day and said California sales tax is going down .01 on July 1st. I am not for taxs but this state is broke. WTF over?????
  12. Will Outboards be the future for new boat sales

    PB Open Water
    With increasing fuel prices and CARB/EPA rules, will the typical I/O setup become a thing of the past for new boat sales?
  13. Do we have a Toyota Sales Rep on the boards?

    PB Open Water
    My cousin is looking to purchase a new Toyota Tacoma for work. I wanted to start here to try and help out a fellow board member. He's in Orange County Ca, but we could head to LA/Riverside. Please send me a PM with your ph#. Thanks-David
  14. Volt mpg, Leaf sales

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like real world Volt mgp figures are in, at better than 100 mpg. Using these figures, and the cost of electric used, Volt saves $ as long as gas is above $1.35/ga. Volt drivers going 1,000 miles between fill-ups, GM says - May. 2, 2011 But sales of Volt are not too hot. Leaf selling more...
  15. Automotive Sales

    PB Open Water
    I might need to look for a new job soon and I was wonderingif anyone here is in Auto Sales and could let me know about it. I have been in Business to Business sales my whole salescareer, calling on corporate accounts and signing deals with Purchasing Agents,Controllers and CFO’s. I am getting...
  16. Sales tax question

    PB Open Water
    Sold something in another state. We don't have offices there and of course sales tax on it wasn't collected, we only collect and remit in states we have offices in. Now 3 years later the state is calling wanting a copy of the invoice. I'm guessing trying to go after the place for use tax...
  17. Furniture sales

    PB Open Water
    Furniture sales, any PB members in it? Any members in furniture sales? A family member is having some health problems and needs a recliner to sleep/relax in. I would like a nice one for them, where should we go, what to look for and what to buy? It would be a painless-done deal for ayone in...
  18. National Sales Tax

    Political Rhetoric
    Heard it on the radio today- calling it an "added value tax".... AM radio reported that Obama has hired an advisor that is an expert in the tax that applies to just about everything. Anyone know more?
  19. Boat Loan and Eliminator Sales Help

    PB Open Water
    Just had one of my Borrowers call asking for help with a boat loan. Who on here can help? . They are looking to buy a "pre-owned" boat from Eliminator, anybody that can help them out with that? I will pass on your info.
  20. Short Sales: Banks Blocking Way Out Of Foreclosure Crisis

    PB Open Water Brett Ellis, a real estate agent in Fort Myers, Fla., was thrilled when he got an offer for a property in Bell Tower Park in May 2008. "It was a gorgeous property on the corner lot," Ellis told the Huffington...