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  1. Need to get ahold of Sanger Sam / Six Gun Sam

    i know this isnt really the place to post this but this is where he would see it most likely or someone who knows him can get ahold of him for me ... Sam if ya see this I Have Your Puppy Papers . ive had them for months and lost your contact info and havent seen ya at the lake get togethers when...
  2. Uncle Sam Wants You......not your Camels...

    PB Open Water
    Study recommends total ban on smoking for soldiers Military health experts propose ban on tobacco use by soldiers Study: Tobacco use impairs military readiness, later lead to serious health issues New study also calls for ban on the sale of tobacco products on bases From Chris Lawrence CNN...
  3. Well something else to pay uncle sam for.....your cell phone

    PB Open Water Make any personal calls on that company cell phone? That's a "fringe benefit" of your job, according to a 20-year-old law, and the IRS is looking to collect. The Wall Street Journal reports that the IRS wants to step up enforcement of the 1989 law, which holds...
  4. SAM " rock daddy " FRY FUNERAL date.

    Jet Boats
    to all of my dads friends and dragboat people, your all invited to attend the life of a former racer and great man on october 11 2008. please call me and rsvp. thank you bob fry 714 615-0644
  5. saying goodbye to sam rock daddy fry

    Jet Boats
    with great sadness sam fry lost his battle with cancer today at the young age of 62 , my dad was the reason I got in to boat racing, Iam at a lost for words sorry.