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  1. Havre De Grace > Sandbar

    Not sure where the thread went but... What I started the thread about and what was mentioned...a local to me boater that has a summer place down there and hangs at Loyd's Cove told me, the waterway was dredged and the sand was dumped onto the 'flats' making an Island where a lot of people now...
  2. Getting to sandbar in havasu?

    West Coast - South
    Who know's the best way to get thru the narrows coming up from az part of havasu? Never sure which side to stay on near hwy 95 side or calif side? :confused:
  3. Wild Pigs on the Sandbar WTF!!!

    PB Open Water
    Friday while enjoying the sandbar I saw 2 black pigs running through the reeds. And I do not mean human pigs. These were about 30 lbs. Then I noticed where they had been digging up roots. Anyone else seem them? Sorry no pics.
  4. One inch from going to bottom! Saved by a sandbar.

    Jet Boats
    Took, the jet out for a spin with a buddy today, and popped a frost plug! Came 1 inch from going under. We managed to find a sandbar to beach on before it went down. We didn't realize what had happened until the balancer started throwing water into the scoop and it started sputtering! I am...
  5. [Pics] Memorial weekend Sandbar pics

    PB Open Water
    Memorial weekend 11 002.jpgMemorial weekend 11 071.jpgMemorial weekend 11 070.jpgMemorial weekend 11 065.jpgMemorial weekend 11 059.jpgMemorial weekend 11 055.jpgMemorial weekend 11 048.jpgMemorial weekend 11 034.jpgMemorial weekend 11 016.jpgMemorial weekend 11 009.jpgMemorial weekend 11...
  6. Safest Way To The Sandbar

    PB Open Water
    As long as there are no Aftershocks on the water
  7. Attn: river experts, what is the safest route to sandbar?

    PB Open Water
    I am very familiar with Mead but I am not as familiar with Havasu. I have made it several times to sandbar in my previous boats without issue, but I always have to follow another boat.:)sphss I have read about how to enter the "mouth" I drew a diagram with google sat it...
  8. A little sandbar action

    PB Open Water
    They saved the best for last...
  9. Alone on the Sandbar.

    PB Open Water
    last weekend. bit chilly.. but hell.. it was nice. :)sphss
  10. Just seen this in the sandbar section god speed buddy

    this is horible
  11. Sandbar Bash 2008

  12. Anyone have the aerial pic of the sandbar packed?

    PB Open Water
    Like the ones they sell near the London Bridge?
  13. Videos from Big River sandbar

    Jet Boats
    A few runs. 1st set of runs Darren (works for Dan Nelson at Jett Performance Marine). 2nd Randy (HBjet) 3rd Mike (Cyclone) 4th Tim (Nuckin Futs) Darren, Randy, Mike, Tim
  14. Sandbar on Labor Day Weekend?

    PB Open Water
    Is the sandbar open on Labor Day? I know that the answer is probably no but maybe the call to bring back the boats to Havasu has changed some minds?
  15. Sandbar

    PB Open Water
    Anyone know when it's open for the 4th??? :D bignet
  16. Sandbar 4th of July Tee Shirts

    PB Open Water
    Hey guys, I have a feeling this might be considered a "classified ad", but I told a good friend I would show all of you this shirt he made. He is selling them for the 4th of July. Large pic on the back, small on the Left chest. They are Hanes beefy Tee and the screening is top notch. I couldnt...
  17. SandBar How-To

    PB Open Water
    I have never been to the sand bar. where is it located? Above Topock, below topock? I usually launch from the springs and go beteween there and the channel and sometimes topock.
  18. afternoon Sandbar photos (4/25/08)

    PB Open Water
    We got on the water late (from Needles) and only made it to the Sandbar by the mid-afternoon. Can't wait to get some pics from Havasu tomorrow! Enjoy! more in the next post....
  19. Sandbar

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Do to a friends request and to make his life easier I removed what I can for him. I hope you can all do the same as it would make his life easier.
  20. Various Sandbar & Motor Pics

    Jet Boats
    These are from the last 2 years. Winner of Best named Boat... Post some pics of your new hardware......