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  1. Found one I think is worth saving

    Found this 1970 Rayson Craft rotting under a tarp in the weeds this weekend . I drug it home it needed to be rescued.
  2. Saving the Delta

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    "One boat at a time" :D
  3. Worth Saving this old Flat?

    Looks to be some kind of Rayson Craft, Or? Any ideas? I need another boat like a hole in the Head. any one reconize this boat? it is in the pan handle of Florida.
  4. Saving for later

    Test Post
    Can't wait to use this. you however are a even a summers eve douche,more like a best choice douche that's jealous of summers eve.....jealousy is is easily shown in your posts,it's eating you up something fierce.
  5. Gun Free Zone Saving Lives

    Political Rhetoric
    Nevada student opens fire at middle school, killing teacher and injuring 2 | Fox News Oh wait nvm, the Marine (the teacher) that was trained to use a gun couldn't have one.
  6. George Carlin - Saving The planet

    Political Rhetoric
    YouTube - George Carlin - Saving The planet
  7. Saving McCain's bacon!

    Political Rhetoric
    Watching CNBC tonight when I read the little ticker rolling by stating that the U.S. military has increased strikes in Pakastan. This got me wondering: What if we were able to get Bin Laden in the next week or so? Would that help McCain get 5% more in votes? I'm thinking that he's been hurt...
  8. Saving an old Liberty

    Jet Boats
    i picked up this old liberty in az on thanx giving, i needed a new familly boat because the hondo was too small. the Liberty was in pretty rough condition, but, i liked the way my hornet handled and the liberty has the same bottom. So i took the wife and kid out to Az to look at it. the first...
  9. Saving Pics from PB Galleries?

    PB Open Water
    I have found some amazing shots from the DS Event and would love to save some of those pics to my computer of friends boats and other bad a$$ boats. Is there a way to save those pics? It doesn't give me the option to click on it and save it. Any advice? Roln 20s