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  1. Climate Treaty Scam Job

    Political Rhetoric
    President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Treaty that Hussein illegally manipulated through the United Nations. Trump is living up to his campaign promises as well as can be expected. We the people did not know the details of this treaty. China and India where signatories, but had until...
  2. The 2nd Biggest Scam on the American Public!

    Political Rhetoric
    IMO, The #1 Biggest Scam ever deployed against the people of the United States is Barrack Hussein Obama. As the Dems found implementing the Obama scam as easy as child's play, the 2nd Biggest Scam ever deployed against the people of the United States is Hilary Clinton's "secret agreement" with...
  3. [Announcment] hondo boats inc. james brendell scam

    hi i had recently bought a v drive hondo sprint and im restoring it. well i looked up hondo boats to see if there were any parts and came across a web site HONDO boats inc. i called and talked to a gentleman by the names of james brendel told him what part i was looking for sent money and never...
  4. scam fail!!!

    PB Open Water
    So I have my cr250 dirtbike for sale on craigslist and another classifieds site I get a text form a 408 number who wants to know if im the original owner condition of the bike blah blah blah but never asks for pictures of it or any specifics on it. I answer all his questions and he says...
  5. Scam scam scam

    Jet Boats
    This might have already been posted but someone needs to go and beat the crap ouf this guy thats running this add.....THAT BOAT ISNT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO FONTANA
  6. 911 = Scam

    Political Rhetoric
    When will people stop supporting political parties and start to realize that there is a much higher power that controls both parties? Government is our enemy! Reflections And Warnings - An Interview With Aaron Russo {Full Film} - YouTube
  7. Beware scam!!! Amazon payments

    Boats for Sale
    Thought I'd share this with the power boating community. Any of you buyers out there beware of who you are dealing with. I have been looking for a boat myself and ran across a pretty apparent scam. Its sad how people are trying to make money these days:no: If you recieve a email from AMAZON...
  8. E Bay related. Telephone SCAM! READ

    PB Open Water
    Just got a call from 800-404-3086, claimed they handle collections for E Bay. Wanted $54.00 in listing fees from 2007, would not send invoice, or connection auction info. Claimed if I did not pay then E Bay would suspend my account. yea..FU, click.
  9. The Great California High-Speed Rail/Train Scam

    Political Rhetoric
    The latest scam? The California High Speed Rail (HSR) Project. Just another scam to line the pockets of more public employee union thugs and their cronies. The HSR, as pointed out, will not materialize in (3) lifetimes. Please listen.... California High Speed Rail and the LIES told about...
  10. Russian girl scam on a car website

    PB Open Water
    I'm trying to find this thread but cannot remember where. It was the funniest thing I have ever read on any website. I think it was about a russian girl trying to scam this guy in the USA and he figured out quickly that it was a scam and that she couldn't hardly speak English so he started...
  11. Parts scam

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So I've been trying to sell this billet Ford crank I have on Racing Junk and I get these e-mail messages...this is the second one, and they're almost identical: Hello mate, is your BB Ford Velasco billet still available for sales? I reply yes, 1500.00 plus shipping, US dollars. He writes...
  12. Gardner / Giordano life/travel insurance scam???

    PB Open Water
    Gardner / Giordano life/travel insurance scam??? :duh::duh::duh: Is there a limit to the stupidity of greedy people??? :)sphss:)sphss:)sphss
  13. Scam?

    PB Open Water
    This is a reponse I got from craigslist about something i'm selling. Seems fake but what would somebody gain from this. What do you think? Thanks Hello, Thanks for the prompt response. I am satisfied with the information provided about it at the craigslist. I will love to make an instant...
  14. New Scam?

    PB Open Water
    Anyone seen or heard of this? Warning..!!!! Warning..!!!! Warning...!!!! Just last weekend on Friday night we parked in a public parking area. As we drove away I noticed a sticker on the rear window of the car. When I took it off after I got home, it was a receipt...
  15. Home Depot Scam

    PB Open Water
    A 'heads up' for those men who may be regular Home Depot customers. This one caught me by surprise. Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic.Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen...
  16. Force Rip off scam

    Gray Water Storage
    All parties have been contacted prior to this post in an effort to reach restitution with no response from Brad Ayres and Mike Morales wants no part of it. I sent Brad a large deposit for a 29 canopy cat (white w/blue flames) Nov.06. with an agreemant to pay in full when it came out of the mold...
  17. Scam or no Scam?

    PB Open Water
    What do you think? I got this in e-mail. I say its a scam From: "Chase" <[email protected]>...
  18. 28 Nordic Scam On Boattrader

    PB Open Water This boat sold over the summer in Utah, I remember seeing it online a few months back. I think it was priced around $65,000 Now some scammer posted a fraudulent ad He is asking $27,400 for a 2003 Nordic 28 I emailed him...
  19. YTB Your travel Biz - Scam???

    PB Open Water
    My sister just told me she is buying into this and I happen to think it's a scam or pyramid type BS. It looks like you earn commision when you get someone else to sign up like you did. This is after you have paid $500 to be able to sell the site to other people and pay $50 a month to maintain...
  20. Y'all Think This Is A Scam....

    PB Open Water
    I'm betting on it.... 27' Daytona