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  1. screwed up my prop ,,question

    well I made it back to the lake and after putting in at the ramp I noticed the lane of buoys was more narrow than before ,,well apparently the water level is way low from the last time I was there and the no wake zone is really narrow,,,anyway I had just got the boat started and I was on my way...
  2. Boom they ARE screwed History is being made

    Political Rhetoric As we're reading this history is created...
  3. Taxpayers screwed again in CA

    Political Rhetoric
    Unreal that we're going to be footing the bill for a 30 year inmate convicted of 1st degree murder and other things, to have a flipping sex change. This may be the final straw to serious ly looking into places I would want to live outside of CA. The reason is the pain and suffering the convict...
  4. Are they admitting they screwed up?

    Political Rhetoric
    OBAMA ADMINISTRATION OFFERS 5 MILLION REWARD FOR AL QAEDA TERRORIST IT RELEASED FROM GUANTANAMO Obama Admin. Offers $5 Million Reward for Top Al Qaeda Terrorist — Just Guess Where He Was Until 2006 |
  5. screwed thread up on head ,what to do?

    Jet Boats
    pulled a helicoil on my brodex head.aluminum broke away cant put another helicoil they have a fix for this problem?
  6. screwed head thread up,what to do

    GN7 On the Dyno
    pulled a helicoil on my brodex head.aluminum broke away cant put another helicoil they have a fix for this problem?
  7. Did i get a good deal or screwed???????????

    Jet Boats
    About a month ago I purched my first's a 86 21 ft Kachina (don't know what kind though a daycruiser or whatever other styles ther are...I dont know the differnce, how can I tell) .....anyways, it has a stock Ford 460 with a marine card (4 br Holley) and distributor with inbore...
  8. Conservatives Screwed America

    Political Rhetoric
    I read this editorial that listed 6 ways you conservatives helped cause the economic destruction of America. Make sure you keep going to your tea party rallies, the job isn't finished yet. And on behalf of the common American, I would like to say "thanks a lot, assholes!":)st 6 Shocking Ways...
  9. What has Obama screwed up ?

    Political Rhetoric
    Point at it. Tell me what he has screwed up. Whats the issues he has screwed up ? it seems like such an easy question , yet you guys can't answer it. Balls in your court , can you post what the president has screwed up ?
  10. Baja is getting screwed by all the crime stories

    PB Open Water
    We went to San felipe this wend and took 2 dirt bikes on a 120mile loop on Sat. WOW what a great time things were to quite because of the economy but mostly because of all the bad press that is coming out of TJ and Juarez. The people were as out going as ever we had no issues . In short it was...
  11. i got [email protected] SCREWED

    so i traded a guy my 78 nordice v-drive hull (no motor but all the rest was there) to paint my 78 hallett jet . 4 months have passed now and no paint on the boat he was storing my nordic for me and i told him when he was done i would give him the pink slip, so today i found out that he lost the...
  12. Get-n screwed

    Parts for Sale
    Dose any body know EMfabrication here on the boards? His name is Elliot strickland. Back on 11-16-08 we made a deal on the double axle trailer and boat witha compleat berkly cj pump he has listed. 11-17 check was sent.He cashed the check on 11-24 and since the 24th he has not answered any of my...
  13. We Are Screwed

    Political Rhetoric
    obama just hit 262 electorial votes
  14. Look at the states run by Democrats...All screwed up!

    Political Rhetoric
    Just look at California, already broke, New Jersey already broke, Ohio and Michigan are either broke or have had a massive loss of jobs. Just look at cities like Detroit, run by a corrupt family of democrats that are serving time and under suspicion of murder. Detroit looks worse than Beirut in...
  15. Screwed Again: BofA Sending Shareholders $6 Billion Bailout money

    Political Rhetoric
    Check this out:
  16. ever been screwed????

    PB Open Water
    so here is the deal i traded this guy my 1974 chevy rock crawler for his 1980 nordic v-drive with a very clean 427. when he fired it up for me it had a little mis. so figured it was most likly plugs or something . about two months go buy and i decide to freshen up the engine. when i took the...
  17. Do you think they realize they screwed up.

    PB Open Water
    Performance boat - 228 members and 99 guests online.:p Hot Boat - 16 memebers and 28 guests online. :)hand
  18. Ok, so i screwed up my wifes mothers day!

    PB Open Water
    My dog ate my daughters hampster! and i feel like a Dick!...But it was the funniest thing! i go out to the patio and check out the little guy in his cage getting some fresh air for a minute, and its not there!!!! so i freak out a Little bit wondering where the hell he is and just how the hell he...
  19. I'm Screwed!

    Jet Boats
    Well, tonight I got started on my plumbing. I couldn't find the bolts that held the thermostat housing down, so I grabbed two bolts off my work bench that fit through the thermostat holes. Unfortunately, these two bolts were not the right size, but they certainly wanted to think that they were...
  20. screwed up

    GN7 On the Dyno
    okay guys i got all my stuff back from the machine shop last week.went to put it together,{{bbc}I MIS FIGURED THE DECK HEIGHT AND NOW MY PISTONS ARE ANYWHERE FROM .015-.020 ABOVE DECK:|err how much clearance do i need between head and piston. the pistons are kieth black forged flat tops.the...