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  1. Turbos VS Screws

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Seems in the world of Promod Cars, the turbo guys have kept at it till they are running @ the same level and sometimes better than the screw guys now. 5.46 @ 272 is bad ass! Latest News - Pro Line Racing
  2. BOA screws the little guy AGAIN!

    Political Rhetoric
    So when WAMU started to go under I jumped ship and move over to BOA. Free checking they said. Now I get a letter in the mail yesterday and BOA is changing their account structure and adding FEES. Yes fees for them to use MY MONEY! And guess what.... the little guy, the guy that lives pay...
  3. Dominator Carbs.. Screws coming loose?

    Anybody have a way to keep them tight? Anyone use red locktite on the two flat head screws on the top of the 1150 dominators?? Every time I use it and it heat cycles they come a little loose. I ve heard stories of them coming loose.. Sure would make a mess if it went throught my...