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  1. Westboro Scum

    PB Open Water
    They threatened to picket at a local boys funeral who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. I just got back from the line of people along the route. Patriot riders are here (I went up on my Harley so got to be an honorary member for the day I guess). Looks like a parade route with the...
  2. Union Scum

    Political Rhetoric
    DEVELOPING: Ohio Business Owner Shot For Being Non-Union, Police Investigating Posted by LaborUnionReport (Profile) REDSTATE.COM Tuesday, August 16th at 9:30PM EDT This is a developing story as police are still investigating the shooting of a non-union business owner, John King, by what...
  3. Illegal Scum

    Political Rhetoric
    Just heard an interview on the radio with a California State Senator. He said that illegal's cost the state 20 BILLION a year, every year.:|err:|err Isn't the state bankrupt? Maybe TB will explain this to us.
  4. Scum Of The Earth......

    PB Open Water
    Taggers........ The newest trend is using fire extinguishers filled with paint. Check it out.:((((((
  5. Low Life Scum Rule!

    I know that this isn't V Drive related biut here goes anyway... Got a call from my wife yesterday telling me that some low life scumbags decided that they didn't like her Mercedes so they kicked in the grill, a fender and a door. Also a little bit of spray paint and some scratching and they...
  6. more liberal SCUM

    Political Rhetoric
    Greens Thwart Gasoline Production By Steven Milloy, Fox News June 12, 2008 (Excerpt) Four-plus-dollar gasoline is forcing Americans to realize that we need increased domestic oil production to meet our ever-growing demand for affordable fuel. But even if the greens lose the political battle...