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  1. Cole 20' SS seat repair

    The driver seat fell apart last year. Plan on replacing all the interior soon so I going to repair this one for this season. What a mess.............
  2. 19" seat shells $150

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    i just posted today on craigslist pm or text 951 870-69ten covers shot
  3. Other (WTB) Pinch Seat

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    Looking for a pinch seat to go in a circle boat. Any info is greatly appreciated. PM or text/call 909-732-973one.
  4. [SOLD] Pinch seat shell large...carbon fiber......$150

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    TEXT OR PM ME ON HERE 951-870-69TEN
  5. Bucket seat upholstery and foam

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    Selling one brand new upholstery and foam for an 18 inch wide 2 rib bucket seat. Color is graphite gray. $220 shipped.
  6. tanks/headers/scoops circle seat shell/shifters/ect ect ect

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    tanks $250 w/mounts and flip top caps 8 x 48 ​...reduced $200....sold headers shortys (jet) used on v drive all $250 reduced $200​....sold wil not seperate lines silencers t valve ss scoop new from mold $200 circle pinch seat shell large $200...............sold (both for $300) hondo...
  7. [SOLD] Plywood Seat Shells, FREE!!

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    I've got a couple seat shells I got from a buddy that I used as patterns for what I put in the Cole. Seats are 18" wide and 16" tall. They're free to a good home (cheap to a bad one :rolleyes:) but you gotta figure out how to pick them up in Pleasanton CA. I could likely bring them to the...
  8. Seat Brackets for Stringer Mount

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    Seat Brackets for clamping the stringer and provides a flat mounting surface for the seat....brackets are 3/16" thick 6061-T6 with a radiused bend and radiused corners measuring 4" x 4" x 9" long....$50 a pair and does one seat. Thanks for looking! Dan, six six one, five one zero - six three six two
  9. [SOLD] <<<<<pinch seat shell for a fat boy>>>>> $150

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    <<<<<pinch seat shell for a big boy>>>>> $150 MADE EXTRA LARGE FOR big BOY AND HIS LIFE LINE JACKET....TRIM THE TOP TO FIT YOUR STYLE..fiberglass shell w/glassed in wood in the bottom....... $150 17' DEEP 22' WIDE 22' HIGH ​k boat ss ps se ect comp jet.............last part i have sold...
  10. [SOLD] 2- 18" fiberglass seat shells $158 shipped

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    used $158 pair shipped $130 pair local pick up.. need paint ..also on craigslist
  11. [SOLD] Need a passenger seat for the mrs in your drag boat

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  12. (looking to buy) circle boat pinch seat

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    I am looking for a pinch seat. New or in good used condition. Upholstered or bare shell. Also looking for 2 bucket seats. New or used. Upholstered or bare.
  13. [Other] Rzr 1000 4 seat for rent

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    Had a few trips coming up and I couldn't say no...... So we bought a new 2017 RZR 1000 4 seater.... Thing is a blast to drive.. I was going to rent it out, but I don't trust the average Craigslist schmuck, so I am opening it up to board members and buddies from work. Normally goes for...
  14. Where can I get Pimpass seat braces ?.

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    Anybody on here fab them ?
  15. Carbon Fiber Seat with Uhpolstery Brand New

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    Brand new Carbon Fiber Seat $500 Tweed with blue center vinyl stripe 19" width.
  16. Bryant Seat, & Casale HD Gears for sale

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    :)ViolinFor Sale a Bryant Circle boat seat. This is for a larger person. The seat is 17"x21" $500.00 obo SOLD Casale HD Left Hand gears. Very good condition. $250.00 obo Feel free to PM or call with any questions. Thanks, Lock 702-373-0100
  17. [SOLD] Bryant Circle Boat Pinch Seat, XL

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  18. wide bucket seat

    i need a wider bucket seat (fiberglass shell)... not really seeing much on the google search
  19. Seat bottoms from ultra 21' open bow

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    I had all my seat bottoms rebuilt last year and now the rest of the interior is trash so I'm redoing everything. These are white/blue/grey and are all new wood, foam and vinyl. Will fit ultra/bahner/eliminator open bow with dog house configuration. I can't post pics for some reason, email me at...
  20. Rear Fiberglass Bench Seat ?

    Jet Boats
    Re doing my boat and removed the cocktail seating and replaced with front buckets ...... Looking for a nice rear fiberglass bench seat going in a 19' CP. Any suggestions and pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance