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  1. b boat in the boats for sale section on here

  2. C7 2014-2016 Rear Section Exhaust ATAK

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Borla part # 11856 Brand new in box...Check part number for details $1800obo plus ride
  3. what happened to this section

    PB Open Water
    pretty quiet lately
  4. 1350 Drive shaft section

    Parts for Sale
    $150 Chrome moly driveshaft tube with 1350 ends Measures 14.750 from center of yoke to center of yoke.
  5. Help with rotted floor section

    Jet Boats
    Ok so Im almost afraid to ask, but I figure I better. I have this section of rotted floor under the front passenger seats of my 1970 19 foot Schuster jet boat. I've cut out the bad section which is 20.5 x 41.5 inches, with a couple inches left that I didtnt get, and my problem is, should I...
  6. Lower Unit/mid section Serial Numbers or Part Numbers?

    Where can I find the part number or serial number on my lower unit and mid section of a Mercury 200XRi? The lower unit and mid section would have nothing to do with the ECU or electronics (i.e. charging system) would they? I am just trying to make sure everything I have in a certain motor is...
  7. Neweset PB magazine Jet Tech Section

    Jet Boats
    Doesn't the Ignition Problem sound pretty damn close to this thread? Who's Tim Petterson? :confused:
  8. Dyno section rules

    GN7 On the Dyno
    As in Rules! :)devil
  9. Hot Boat Down South-New Section coming

    PB Open Water
    Boys We are working on it. I promise. Will be up by Monday for you to Post and repost. Thanks for your submission. Approved. Just working OT.
  10. Does Performance Boats have a wanted section?

    PB Open Water
    I know I'm not the only person here looking for parts and also have parts sitting on the shelf I could sell. Does PB have a wanted or looking for section in the forum for parts and projects or do you just have to keep searching the for sale section and hope you find what your looking for?
  11. Can I play in this section now?

    Have been in the jet boat section for a couple of years now, thought I'd see if I can come over here for a while. Sold the jet and bought this today. 1975 Nordic 18 ft. 400 Mopar, runs great just needs a little polishing and paint. This is my first v drive, and I am pretty excited about it...
  12. [SOLD] 20 in Mercury Mid Section

    Parts for Sale
    I have a 20 inch Mercury mid section for sale. It is complete with mounting bracket tuner water pump pick up tube. Was all repainted last year looks like new. Trim pump works great also. Solid motor mounts I sold the power head off the motor so parting out the rest. Will sell for 1000.00...
  13. Section 8......

    Political Rhetoric
    Busting your ass in the heat everyday on a construction site has nothing on what these poor souls had to endure for "damn near free housing".....This is from the local paper....Quite a few people making a killing from section 8 checks on both sides...Not all,but most of it is nothing more than a...
  14. Here's an idea to help everyone find a boat in the for sale section.

    PB Open Water
    Find a boat in the for sale section faster Working on a way to help other forum members find the boat they're looking for or just browse the for sale section (Lionseek Boats - ). Brand/$ detection are improving. I think it's a good start, but then again I made it ;) On...
  15. Bench Racer Section...

    West Coast - South
    shit talkin for the boatless...
  16. A Boating Only Section???? Please!

    PB Open Water
    Am I the only one who wishes someone would bring back the Boating Only section? I know it wasn't nearly as popular as Open Water but when I need a boat fix on a crappy cold day I don't want to read 3 pages of J-Lo, Bears or 2 1/2 men posts. Now its not that I don't enjoy those post sometimes...
  17. Android App Market Place (For Sale) section problems fixed

    PB Open Water
    The problems with the Market Place section of the site on the android app should be fixed now. No need to re-download the app. Someone with an android handset please confirm this.
  18. Inducer Discussion in Jet Section

    WFL Crew
    Relatively new thread in the Jet Boat section that I thought interesting.
  19. cooking section!

    WFL Crew
    i frequent YB boards and they have a section solely on cooking recipes and such. i have gotten some good shit off there site,so i was thinking most all of use on the WFLC Drink and like to cook,i sure in hell do thats why ive gotten way fatter:D so if you want to post your most precious...
  20. Adding strength to the bow section of my 83 18' Bahner

    Greg Shoemaker
    Hi, I have a light lay u p Bahner 18 foot jet. I have nothing under the bow to add support, or strength. I can watch my bow move as I am running down the lake. The hull is made of glass over plastic, and the deck is just fiberglass. Any ideas how I can make it a bit stronger?? I am waiting to do...