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  1. Please Educate Me On Rayson Craft Serial Numbers

    I will be looking at a possible purchase of a Rayson Craft SK Jr. (16' Outboard). I believe most of these were produced in the mid-late '60s. Might I find a Hull ID number? Where would it be, and what would it tell me? Eric
  2. Lower Unit/mid section Serial Numbers or Part Numbers?

    Where can I find the part number or serial number on my lower unit and mid section of a Mercury 200XRi? The lower unit and mid section would have nothing to do with the ECU or electronics (i.e. charging system) would they? I am just trying to make sure everything I have in a certain motor is...
  3. Finally got her on the water! Charging system failure and serial # questions

    Boat ran great but still got towed back at the end. 2 red top optimas ran me as long as they could. Didnt know I was running battery only. I have read about the " dual regulated charging system." Where is it? Looking for a place to begin. Secondly, I can not find a serial number on my...
  4. Cole TR2 serial numbers?

    Picked up a TR2, curious to know how to decode the serial number. It reads CFM640CV_ _ _ _ on the I.D. plate, any way to tell whay year or any other details?
  5. Mitt is a serial killer ad

    Political Rhetoric
    Wow, When even the Jokers and Jesters are buying ad time you know our political system is doomed.....I wonder what his anti-Gingrich ad will be about ? Thanks to the conservative Supreme Court 'Citizens United" ruling the elections are now just big money fueled shows with seriously corrupted...
  6. Serial # on a BBC?

    Jet Boats
    Im looking for the serial number on my engine? I believe I found the cast number at the drivers side rear, but unable to find the serial number.. Where is it?
  7. [Question] '68 Stevens 18' SK serial number(VIN) location? pls help!!!!!

    Maybe someone here may know were to look for the Stevens serial number tag? It's a '68 Stevens '18 SK hull flat bottom v-drive. i've been told maybe on a stringer? this boat has carpet so i hate to cut it all up lookin for a tag but i may have to if nobody knows were it could be. The serial...
  8. my first boat can't find the serial number on it or what kind of boat it is

    i think it's a sanger flat bottom. has a glenwood v-drive connected to a chrysler 440 motor maybe 1960-1970 not sure got any suggestions.and i have no registration for it. came with no papers. thanks
  9. Motor Serial Number

    I looked all over before I posted to this forum. Anybody know where to find this info on your Engine:)coffee? MOTOR Year Manufacturer & Model Name/Number Serial Number
  10. Serial #s ?

    Can u find any info on the hull off the serial #s on the back of the boat?