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  1. Havasu Sewer $ Increase

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    We just got our water bill for our Havasu House and our sewer charge just increased $37.00 from last month. Anyone else get this?
  2. Havasu Sewer Project

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    Anybody else out there had a problem with the sewer project having you listed as having septic system when you actually are already connected to city sewer. Any info that might help me avoid any nightmares would be appreciated. Thanks Toni:)
  3. Havasu sewer ?

    PB Open Water
    How long did it take to put your street back from start to finish?
  4. Havasuvians..Council to vote on sewer rate hike

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    if you can make it, be at the council meeting tonight and tell Charlie Cassins (City Guy on the boards) to STUFF IT!!!!!!!!!:mad: Council to vote on sewer rate hike By TONY WAGGONER Friday, November 21, 2008 10:50 PM MST Sewer rates would climb at least 32 percent over three years if the...
  5. Sewer Ag Meters Havasu

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    Has anyone ever put a agricultural meter water on their home?? Do you really save $$$$$ with a pool?
  6. Havasu Sewer Smell

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    Does anybody else have an odor problem after being hooked up to the sewer? We started having a mild rotten smell coming in from the garage into the laundry room. So at first we got the trash can out. After a couple of trips it kept happening. This last time it happened a little while after...
  7. Havasu Sewer Stuff

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    Anyone else get the packet from Havasu for hooking up to sewer? Anything I should be aware of when signing this stuff? Thanks for any input.