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  1. [SOLD] BBC 1.7 Harland Sharp roller rocker arms

    Parts for Sale
    Set of 16 used but in great shape BBC Harland Roller Rocker arms with Standard size Poly Locks. will need taller locks if you use Stud girdles. selling all 16 with Brand new in the bag Poly Locks 160.00.. 530-333-1047 Located Near Sacramento
  2. Under 23' Sharp 1980 19' Daytona Eliminator

    Boats for Sale
    Price Reduced!!! Sharp 1980 19' Daytona Eliminator For Sale - PRICE REDUCED!! 1980 19' Daytona Eliminator This is a good looking boat. It has the original gel. Interior is nearly perfect. Berkley Pump Place diverter Rail Kit It is garage kept and covered. Asking $11,500 OBO. Call or...
  3. Hey Sharp Shooter

    Hey Jerry wondering if you have any old Rayson Craft LP pages? You always come through on old archives and thought it would be cool to start collecting what I can.
  4. Sharp Shooter

    Ok, so Im looking at the new SS post regarding the Overhaulen boat project that was revealed in Needles, watchin the cool video, wishing I was that guy named Ryan and out of the side of my eye, something keeps buggin me. Maybe it's been there a while and I'm just slower. I had to look real close...
  5. BBC Harland Sharp 1.8 Roller Rockers Near New $215 Shipped

    Parts for Sale
    These were on my buddys Nova for about 20 street miles before he removed for shaft rockers and are as close to new as you're gonna get. $215 Shipped
  6. Sharp Shooter

    "Community', Gary Cann here on the boards is looking for some good action DiMarco flat pics and old ads to make some T- shirts.
  7. special thanks to sharp shooter

    Thank you jerry for taking time out of your weekend and introducing me to all my fellow vdrive nuts. Had a great time in irvine. Thanks to all I met and chatted with. You guys are awesome and cant wait to have honcho on the water and running. Looking forward to needles in sept. Hopefully...
  8. Hey Sharp Shooter

    Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out today.Mike already called and is on top of it.
  9. Thanks Sharp Shooter!

    Just got home from Parker and what was in my mailbox but a copy of the Enduro courtesy of our own Sharp Shooter Productions! The kids and I put it in and sat back and enjoyed the show! Top notch production on the vid! Very Cool! All I can say is Wow and Thanks! Hope you come out to Long...
  10. Thanks Sharp Shooter (Jerry)

    For turning my cruiser into a GN boat. :)hand:D:D
  11. hey sharp shooter

    Sharp, I was wondering what style of boat this is in your boat porn video. It is white with a orange, silver and deep red strip down the side as well it has very shallow rockers. It looks like a b boat but shallower. It also has Yellow butterflies in the Injection hat. Thanks for the help.:)devil
  12. Hey Sharp Shooter

    Did you get any pics of the jets, or are you to good for that:)sphsssame old pics of the same stuff, you need to mix it up:)st some variety, anyvideo of other boats running, or are we going to have to wait and buy the VIDEO;) By the way nice shots at needles, said hi to ya and you just kept...
  13. Hey Sharp Shooter ...Help

    need to find a Pic. its has about a dozen biesemeyers pulled up on the beach in needles. had blue/black Blown to the Bone then more biesemeyers then a blue/white eliminator spyder, last boat was K-50. if you know where I can find Pic, THANKS
  14. Thank you Sharp Shooter

    Thanks for the DVD 2008 Irvine Regatta. I enjoyed your expert panel -- it's refreshing to hear two true boating experts share their years of racing experience. Dave
  15. 65" Sharp DLP HD TV

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Since we moved into a smaller place we have no room for this (according to my wife). I hate to see it go but I hate it more to watch it sit. I have an extra bulb ($350) so you are set for a long time. Sharp 65DR650 65-inch DLP HDTV $850 obo. NOW $725 Call Ryan 949-939-0440 or...
  16. ??? Question for Sharp Shooter ???

    How long till the next River Rats video comes out? I have watched 1 and 2 a couple hundred times and was wondering if there is another one in the works?
  17. Hey Sharp Shooter (and others into moto)

    I donno any thing about these photos other then they are pretty cool. I thought you would enjoy.
  18. hey sharp shooter!!!

    Just got my present in the mail today!!:D:D:D Cant thank you enough for the vid and pics!!!!!! Man , you must have shot at least 40 pics and the vid came out BITCHIN!!!!:)devil. Your right, that boat does photograph good!!! thanks again for everything!!!! Darin PS what was billy sayin at the...
  19. Thanks Sharp Shooter

    Got the videos today. went straight from mailbox to dvd player. 2007 Burley Vids SS and K's is a must have. Thanks again
  20. Apology to Sharp Shooter and his customers

    Being in charge of someones website is a pretty big responsibility. I failed Jerry big time. One of the items to keep track of is domain name renewal. Well I missed it and lost the name. After some extensive tracking I have found out that someone in russia picked it up. We have written several...