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  1. Political Rhetoric
    WW II Vet beat to death, by individuals the police describe as two black youths. Sounds like more fallout from the Sharpton race hustle. Thank you for your service Mr. Belton. full link: WWII Veteran Beaten To Death In Spokane - Business Insider
  2. Political Rhetoric
    They are all the same,ambulance chasers,stir the shit,grab attention back people businesses down AND FOR GODS'S SAKE MAKE $'s:))ThumbsDwn They all have a special place in Hell as have never done a worthy act that I have been watching. I will still label them as all=EVIL and not good for...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    They are so sickening and a disgrace to call them self a Minister and a Man of the Faith.They do nothing but fan the fire,stir the pot and continue the White/Black tension. I would love to know if either of these POS's serve in the Military? How do they make their living? I assume they are...
  4. Political Rhetoric