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  1. Sheriff Joe, humanitarian!

    Political Rhetoric
    Sheriff Joe gives inmates Ice Cream.:thumb::thumb: :shhh::D What a compassionate Man!! Ice cream for prisoners distributed as Sheriff Joe Arpaio shows soft side during Phoenix heatwave
  2. Texas Sheriff and Assault Rifles....

    Political Rhetoric
    For all of you Geographically Impaired folks that have to deal with gun control advocates where you live... THIS is how OUR Sheriff rolls in Waco, Texas.... County approves 19 military-style rifles for sheriff’s office Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 10:32 pm | Updated: 1:10 am, Wed Apr...
  3. Sheriff Joe racial profiler

    Political Rhetoric
    Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio faces his own words in civil lawsuit | Not suprising he's the prfs solution to every problem regarding immigration
  4. Sheriff Joe

    Political Rhetoric
    Well, zero finally drug him into court. And while he is at it,large business supporters of Romney are now going through IRS audits,EPA audits and every other audit that may apply to that business. So strange they are Republicans in an election year. This is Chicago Politics and this Country...
  5. Anaheim P.D. call Sheriff Joe for BACK~UP

    PB Open Water
    SHERIFF JOE would fix that problem in a matter of minutes
  6. Sheriff Joe LIVE---NOW!

    Political Rhetoric
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference
  7. Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    Political Rhetoric
    He is the man... the only Official willing to enforce the law an is not scared of Osaka Bin Barack
  8. Sheriff Joe vs. derelict holder

    Political Rhetoric
    :wtf:is holder thinking? I think some worthless civil suit against the sheriff:usa: is all he has left in his bag of trix. Sheriff Joe was very careful to make it clear that his investigation into obamas past was intended to prove that obamas latest submission of a b/c was actually...
  9. Sheriff Joe!!

    Political Rhetoric
    The DOJ is preparing a Law Suit against Arizona Sheriff on treatment of illegals.IMO the real underlying issue is the Sheriff's statement of wanting to see zero's Birth Certificate,so he has turned holder on him as punishment.Hang in there Joe,stand your ground you have many supporters.:))THumbsUp
  10. Good Ol Boy Sheriff Joe.

    Political Rhetoric
    Could this be true??? preview
  11. Sheriff JOE!!

    Political Rhetoric
    The DOJ just came down hard on him.They ripped him on human rights violations.I hope it goes well for him.I think he has big trouble and the County is going to have a Law Suit coming.:))ThumbsDwn
  12. The Arizona's Sheriff Association

    Political Rhetoric
    I just heard on the radio they are demanding the Administration to appoint a special investigation for Holder,his Office and EVERYTHING that he did and when he did it and his knowledge into this disaster. I feel if anything will get the ball rolling this is it,the president of the Associarion is...
  13. Sheriff Joe

    PB Open Water
    Not sure how much of this is true as it was a forwarded email but I like it anyway... :D ------------------------------------- SHERIFF JOE IS AT IT AGAIN! You all remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona , who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink prison garb. Well...
  14. New Sheriff

    Michigan Hot Boats
    There will be a new Sheriff in town very shortly Yellow Boats Beware !!!More to come. ............................:D
  15. Sheriff Deputy

    PB Open Water
    I had the article from a day ago a San Bernardino Sheriff Deputy in Shit here in LHC over an incident at BJ`s bar an altercation happened earlier in the evening then ended outside where the Deputy beat another patron and when police arrived he was bleeding and unconscious out front of the...
  16. New Sheriff in TOWN!

    Thats MR. KING to you!
  17. The sheriff is near

    PB Open Water
    I know I'm way off base here. Hope the humor is understood. I just love this movie.
  18. Anyone else get pulled over by the Sheriff?

    PB Open Water
    I made a newbie mistake and started my engine and ideled away from the cliff with the girls on the hatch in the gorge and the po-po came right over. This is how it went after giving me the 411 on that little move. Cop: Have you been drinking today? Me: No I have had nothing but water today...
  19. A message from Sheriff Michael Carona

    PB Open Water
    With a heavy heart, I therefore announce my retirement as Sheriff, effective today. Although this is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made, my family, my staff and my lawyers all believe that this is the right time to take my retirement. This action will permit me to focus on...