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  1. Sheriffs Calling For Citizens to Conceal Carry

    Political Rhetoric
    So it looks like even in the most liberal parts of our country, sheriffs are calling for more people to conceal carry. So far, four democratic sheriffs in Detroit, Milwaukee, Albany, and Washington D.C have all called for those who have a CWP to start carrying when outside of the home. What's...
  2. Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs

    Political Rhetoric
    What do you think? If true I think it's pretty screwed up! :)sphss Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs Colorado To Soon Grant Secret Service Power To Enforce Obama Gun Laws Without Sheriffs’ Help « Pat Dollard State grants Secret Service vast new powers
  3. DMV, Arab, Sheriffs, banned and Me!

    PB Open Water
    Just a word of caution to anyone that has to go to the DMV for anything, if you are standing in line for them to open with probably 200 others and when you finally get up to the door (40 minutes later) and you are getting close to getting your number and an older Arab man just walks right by you...
  4. San Berno Sheriffs Dept Budget Cuts

    PB Open Water
    News is saying the Police Helicopter is going to be 110% Ax'ed & High Desert Boat Patrols, personel & inventory are under microscope as very next to go..
  5. LA county Sheriffs

    PB Open Water