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  1. Jet Boats
    I have an ultra 21xt that I need to replace the transom on, so I'll have the engine/jet out this winter. While that's all out I was considering getting the intake milled for a shoe and ride plate. This year I had the pump rebuilt by MPD and currently spin the fresh aluminum A- 5200 rpm with...
  2. Jet Boats
    What is the differences between shoes? what does back cut shoe do, front cut, flat and so on? I realize its different on each hull and type. Thanks in advance. Troy
  3. Jet Boats
    What are everyone thoughts regarding adding a shoe and ride plate to your boat? I am experiencing s alot of porpoising on the very top end and need to remedy the problem. At first I couldn't keep the pump loaded but after trying several different loaders and droops i seem to have that under...
  4. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a flat shoe, send me details and price.
  5. Greg Shoemaker
    Greg , first off thanks for the motor placement help . Now I'm having intake reset (leaked ) and I want to go with a back cut shoe to try and get ass of boat to lift and free up (as prior conversations it was breaking water about 4' from rear as you can see in my avitar ) . Had a tapered shoe in...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Pretty rough shape but usable. 200 shipped in the US also would not mind trading for other go fast pump parts.
  7. Jet Boats
    anyone running the HTP add-on rideplate & shoe? how do you like it? did you see any gains?
  8. Jet Boats
    Anybody have one in the south orange county area that would let me barrow it two weeks?
  9. Jet Boats
    Have a 19 foot Daytona jet. Looking for someone who has set one of these boats up. I have a Berkeley intake with a back cut shoe. Want to know if shoe height should be keel or a hair below? Also on my intake on the front it is slightly rounded. Intake looks like it is out of a v hull. My boat is...
  10. Jet Boats
    Definitely not a pro by any description but this is a question for the Pro's, I am asking a question about some work done by a PRO.. On my personal boat, when I had the Intake machined for a shoe by a v-drive builder here in Tucson, every thing came out really nice. The biting edge of the shoe...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Berkeley JB JC JG Brand new never got around to installing it. $250 cash local pick up only Valencia, CA near Magic Mountain PM or email [email protected]
  12. Greg Shoemaker
    Greg, I've been running a 2* backcut shoe for several years without any issues in my 18' cp. My new motor makes a lot more power than the previous motor (950hp @ 6700rpm, all motor) and now it lifts the transom and doesn't want to carry the nose. I know you favor a tapered shoe. So I have two...
  13. Parts for Sale
    Throttle in very nice shape,No cable $150shipped, Berkeley Shoe and ride plate $60 shipped OBO
  14. Parts for Sale
    stock berkeley intake machined for a shoe and ride plate. shoe and plate are included. $350 plus the ride
  15. Jet Boats
    Anyone in the Phoenix Arizona area have a. Back cut shoe there not useing (2-3*)
  16. Parts for Sale
    Anyone have a shoe and rideplate that'll fit a Jacuzzi wj? Or something I could modify for use on a wj?
  17. Parts for Sale
    EDIT...Thanks everybody for the replies but I decided against it for now...:) WTB Shoe, ride plate, cradle for Berkeley intake. If I cannot afford to get ride plate and cradle I'll take just a shoe. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  18. Jet Boats
    I FEEL LIKE THE 3* BACK CUT SHOE IS TOO MUCH. i need more water presure & i keep lifting the boat out of the water everytime i lower the shoe. got notified i needed clearance to land the thing .:p right now i need more shoe OR take some of the back cut out . maybe 1* instead of 3*. ride plate is...
1-18 of 67 Results