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    26 reported killed in Newtown, Conn., school shooting What the f&*k????
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    Ive recently acquired a 19 foot jet (horizon) and the boat had been sitting for at least 4 years.anyways after redoing some of the plumbing and a carb rebuild got the boat to run and took it out today for maiden voyage. boat ran good for about 20 min. then started cutting out and finally died...
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    Police investigating double shooting at Lake Mohave - Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 | 11:37 a.m. - Las Vegas Sun
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    just happened a few hours ago. 8 murdered and others critically hurt. My wife and I live not too far away and frequent the places in there pretty regularly. If just one person was there or nearby and was trained and carrying, they might of acted quickly enough to save some of those lives...
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    Open this page, click the 2nd 911 tape box on the left. Chilling stuff. IHP SHOOTING: Multiple 911 calls paint chaotic scene |
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    I'm thinking of trying to pass on the "experience" of this movie shoot thing. I found out about it from this forum, and I'll be in the boat for two weeks (my vacation!), so it all seems to apply. Saturday I had to go in for my head shot at LBR. Seems they forgot that step when I was in the...
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    A month or so ago, there was an announcement on here that parties were looking for performance-type boats to use for a movie to be shot in Havasu. I got a call to go. Did anyone else, or did anyone even apply?
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    Where nearest to socal is it legal to just go out and shoot? Again Legal!
  9. PB Open Water
    My boss is heading out to Havasu for the first time and staying at our place. He wants to do some hiking and shooting. I was thinking he could head up to Bison and check out that area. Is there decent hiking up there and can you shoot without getting into trouble? Any other recommendations would...
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    Headed out this weekend to do a little work on the boat in Bullhead... Need some good areas to throw some lead around and break in a few new guns! Where's the best place for shooting around these parts?
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    I believed something didn't sound right on this one - but apparently not. There is also an OC article: Costa Mesa officer won't be charged for 2008 shooting in Temecula Download story podcast 10:00 PM PST on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 By TAMMY J. McCOY The Press-Enterprise PDF...
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    Any suggestions on where to go? I checked out a few via the web but all do not have web sites. Here is one in Brea that seems pretty good: Anybody want to suggest/refer me to one and prefer Corona but can hit the OC if it is worth it. Thanks
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    Officer kills man who allegedly tried steal child The Associated Press Article Launched: 08/25/2008 08:10:18 PM PDT CORONA, Calif.—An off-duty Los Angeles police officer has killed a man who allegedly tried to snatch the officer's toddler out of his vehicle in Corona. The Los Angeles Times...
  14. Midwest
    Anybody see the News This Morning there was a shooting in SandSprings and 1 man Dead they showed a Pic of his Garage he had a Blown Tunnel Jet in it. thoughts and prayers to the Family!
  15. PB Open Water
    And you all thought it was safe in the OC. After a man robbed a jewelry Sunday afternoon at the Mission Viejo Mall the Sheriffs contacted him in the parking lot where the suspect opened fire on them. He was struck by the deputies when they returned fire. He was treated for gunshot wounds...
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    What A Night! While Eating Dinner With My Family After The Rod Run. I Heard What I Thought Were Shots. Shortly After That We Were Told To Get On The Floor. Because Someone Was Shooting Out Front. We Are Not Sure Exactly What Happened But We Saw Two People Down And They Were Trying To Save One Of...
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    What would we do now, given the information we had at the time and the information we now have, about protecting our airspace from a highjacked or otherwise unfriendly passenger or private non-military aircraft. Has enough time passed that this can be discussed? I think the ramifications of...