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  1. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    You'll never guess what Shorty did yesterday :))THumbsUp
  2. Parts for Sale
    WTB- BBC Shorty Headers Anybody got a set of Bassetts or Rewarders laying around? Preferably with no EVAC bungs If they are the larger collector...even better FOR A JET
  3. Parts for Sale
    Bravo one 1.5 complete drive Bravo one drive came on a 2006 eliminator and has the hydraulic stainless steel steering bracket and a stainless drive shower. It has 1.5 gear ratio and has never been worked on. Its in nice shape. -$2500 in shreveport, louisiana 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482
  4. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    :partyguy::party1: Great seeing you yesterday. Hope NP is not tooooooo much of a pain in the ass today.
  5. Parts for Sale
    Custom built by Mike Transmissions in Lancaster. Reid case with strengthen internals rated at 1200 HP + . Two speed... lightweight....only 18" long and used only 3 times. Replaced a TH400 that keep breaking. Not needed anymore because turning motor around "to make a better left turn"...
  6. Outdrives
    Thinking of going with a shorty on my 1991 Daytona/Fundeck. Planning on mating it to the Bravo 1 upper, anyone have any good pictures of a B1 and -3 shorty so I can get some ideas of what it will take to move the factory cav. plate? Has anyone here done it on an early 90's Eliminator and have...
  7. Parts for Sale
    I have an A-1 shorty PG and the direct drive for a BBC and would like to trade for a good big chevy short block any size. (I want it to run when I put the rest on it) I want $400.00 for the trans otherwise. I have a Dooley scoop with cover for STD. Holleys on a tunnel ram $175.00. I have a top...
  8. Parts for Sale
    I'm selling a very nice set of Renegade BBC shorties. I had them coated about 2 years ago and they've hardly been used since then. They were for my old Bahner but I used them on my last v-drive application also. $500 takes them, local deal ONLY, no shipping. Thanks!
  9. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Thanks Shorts for setting up the stops for us!!!! XOXO :)
  10. V-Drives
    Looking to put a shorty glide in my Flatty. I can rebuild it if it needs help.
  11. Outdrives
    ***Used Imco -2" Shorty Lower Unit*****$2,495.00 clean, no welds or repairs - bought it for a boat that I've since sold - taking up room in my garage LOL! Bravo 1 internals 1:50 1" prop shaft local pick-up or shipping on your dime:))THumbsUp
  12. Parts for Sale
    Rewarder shorty water injected jet boat headers chrome ceramic coated. $600 + shipping. Having problems with pics coming out straight. Send me a p.m. and I can text you pics.
  13. Parts for Sale
    New Cole Tdeck windshield $250 plus ups , tax id applicable
  14. V-Drives
    A gentleman has this for sale. Art Carr powerglide with a lenco bell housing. He wants 1650.00. Does that sound like a fair price? Comes with a Art Carr shifter and tranny cooler.Thanks.
  15. Parts for Sale
    This is for the complete drive. Just bolt it on and go. 5 hours of use since complete go through. It doesn't work on the 26 Daytona ( needs to be the -3 version) I can E-Mail pictures. $3000
  16. Parts for Sale
    nice set w/lines $300 lil blued at the collecters heres my craislist add BASSETT HEADERS VDRIVE SHORTYS W/LINES
  17. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear Shorty Happy Birthday to you :love:
  18. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Congratulations!!!! See you guys at the B.E.A.C.H. :party-smiley-020:
  19. Outdrives
    Looking for some thoughts on my x dimension and how much a shorty lower unit might help. Its a Eliminator 207 edge tunnel hull. Prop shaft is 7" below center pod, outer sponsons are 1" higher than the center. Ran best of 83 GPS with 600-650 hp. Currently repowering to 800 hp +- Want to do...
1-20 of 37 Results