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  1. Outboard Church
    The big 1350 HP Mercury twin turbo.... I'm in his class now. This won't be easy. Enter the "New Canoe" .... I am sworn to secrecy, so I can't elaborate. :secret: Please note that this fine shot was taken by our good buddy and boating friend, Roger That photography. Can he catch the shot, or...
  2. Parts for Sale
    looking for a used shot gun with or with out barrel valve and lines.send pm with info.thanks
  3. Parts for Sale
    I'm restoring a 1964 Buck Smith flatty. Obnoxious1 pointed out I should consider the era correct motor for it. So that is a small block or a 409/348 I would imagine. I have seen both in flat bottoms in the day. Although a 409 weighs just under a Detroit Diesel it would be cool. So who's got what...
  4. Parts for Sale
    NOS big shot 4500 plate, real nice bracket, bottle with brackets, #6 nitrous line, very little use, set up at 240 hp $400 obo trade BBC zoomies big pipe, $250 obo trade Price plus shipping. Pics soon
  5. Parts for Sale
    New unused Drew Shot guns 4"x5" stainless / adjustable / controls engine back pressure / more low and mid range torque /any engine p to 700 u. in. / aircraft recoil cylinder 14db (a) noise reduction / n loss of HP / cost new $500 for sale 350 901-229-7721
  6. Jet Boats
    i have a 79 glastron cvx23 wth a 466 ported dv3 heads big roller cam and 850 speed demon carb having troulbes getting out of the hole acts like it wants to "cavitate" . i installed a loader that is supose to force water to the top side what else can i do to help solve this problem
  7. PB Open Water
    as you can see this is my first post. my hope is someone out there can help me locate or provide info on a boat my dad built in 1969. we lived in la palma,ca. my dad worked for Hughes aircraft in Fullerton,ca. he wanted to upgrade from an old outboard powered boat to a v-drive inboard. with the...
  8. Parts for Sale
    200 shot nitrous works plate system for 4500 single carb reworked by nitrous supply in California. comes with solenoids, hoses, regulator with gauge, pills, plate, bottle, brackets and remote bottle opener. $400 obo Buyer pays shipping Located in the phoenix area Pm with any ?'s
  9. Jet Boats
    Here is a sneak peak of another new wing. Proven in both the wind tunnel and on the track. Check out the shape and profile! I believe this is for the B1 shop boat. From what I hear this wing will also be available from both B1 and PPP.
  10. PB Open Water
    I'm not a fan and not a believer in it, really not wanting my 1.5 year old daughter to get it. Battling my wife over this. You guys believe in the flu shot?
  11. Parts for Sale
    NOS Big Shot Kit W/Dominator Plate , no bottle. This was NEW OLD STOCK and has only had 1 bottle put through it. Asking for $200 + shipping. Jets are included , this kit is advertised as 190hp-300hp. I checked the solenoids and both are functioning perfectly.
  12. V-Drives
    Finally got most of the bugs worked out on this dealio and had a ton of fun with it last weeked. This is video of taking my son for a ride for the first time since I started this project 6 years ago. I didn't do any long passes, just some short bursts. Apologies for the length, I tried to...
  13. Parts for Sale
    Got a NOS Big Shot Nitrous system for sale ! ( Used one time ) It fits dual 4500 series carbs !! Located in Hugo,Oklahoma $ 600.00 or best offer + shipping Big Shot Nitrous System Holley dual 4500 Dominator Series carburetor
  14. PB Open Water
    Maybe I'm trying to compare my new to me Hallett 210s with 5.7L / bravo one drive / 21 pitch four blade prop too my Raysoncraft with the 2.4 merc outboard. Seems really sluggish out of the hole and wondering if I should try another prop. I just bought this four blade signature from Chad Hill as...
  15. Outboard Church
    Ray Leach does!!!
  16. PB Open Water
    He has his own jungle at his house with bears, lions, tigers, etc. Amazing collection of animals. I prefer to save my bullets for a possible intruder inside my house. Plus I would be scared shitless having one of these chasing after me while trying to load my weapon. :shock:
1-17 of 44 Results