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  1. K-124 showed us at Spanaway 2013

    Congrats to Sean and Ashley and the little one too ! They came on a long trip North and battled the heavy rain to get here. Jack " Krazy Kanaka " Ferguson offered to help them for the whole weekend and did, along with Scott Schatz and Gordon Jennings. 1st place overall for the weekend, job...
  2. Dad showed me this video and we have watched 3X and howled laughing

    PB Open Water
    Ultimate Dog Tease - YouTube
  3. Intercooler showed up(pic's)

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Here are a few shots of the PT2000 air to water I picked up for the boat, already has the v-band flanges welded on as well! :) Few shots of the carb to. Travis
  4. My new toy showed up this week ......

    Jet Boats
    I hope I have the time to play with it this weekend to learn a little bit about it. My old Stalker Radar gun that my brother and I purchased with Dave from DCB (Dave's Custom Boat's) 18 yrs ago had some issue's and it needed to go back to the factory for some repairs. There are a few thing's...
  5. New HB Mag Showed Up Yesterday....

    PB Open Water
    ...still not impressed. 11 more issues for redemption in my book...then its the axe. It does say all over the cover "Check out our NEW website!!"....still a no go.