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  1. Two 'LIBS' are sitting at a bar-

    Political Rhetoric
    Two liberals are sitting at a bar - doing shots, and periodically toasting -"57 DAYS".... After a few rounds - the Barkeep gets curious. "What is the significance of 57 DAYS???" One liberal looked at the other one and said...."We just finished a Jigsaw Puzzle! On the box it said...'3-5 Years...
  2. Boat won't start after sitting a few hours???

    Jet Boats
    Boat won't start after sitting a few hours??? w/resto pics Alright now that I have taken my boat out a few times the gremlins are coming out! This is my 78 Baja 18' with a 402 BBC and berkeley pump...... Here's what it's doing... take it out to the river and back it in on the ramp, turn the key...
  3. Classic derelict boats sitting around....

    PB Open Water
    Over the last few years, I have seen a few nice classic boats sitting on front lawns and in alleys - derelict. Sometimes, spray-painted on the side is "FREE". The last few I can remember have been stripped down to bare hull - no hardware. One looked to be an SKV or Spectra mini-cruiser. The...
  4. Any of you guys have an old 2 stroke OB sitting in the corner of a shed?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    I'm looking for an outboard in the 6-10hp range for my dingy. Anyone have one collecting dust in need of a good home?
  5. Sitting in a cove on Mohave and I noticed that

    PB Open Water
    as the sun starts to go down, and ego takes over the boats have a tendency to whip the guys on the raft to a point where there is no way they can stay on. Funnier than shit watching the drunk guys with ego getting out there for a round before they go in. Just watching their bodies go fly in...
  6. Sitting and waiting!!

    Went to the dunes this weekend and on Saturday afternoon Leanna crash pretty hard on her quad. She was beat up and in some pain so went to doctor Monday, they sent her to Gilbert hospitol then transford to Scottsdale ICU where they found her neck fractured at c-4 they did another mri at 3:00am...
  7. I have never seen such profound distrust of a sitting President.

    Political Rhetoric
    I remember well how upset I was at the foolishness of the Clinton admin and the barrage of blunders they made when they swept into the white house, but I still think we were able to fundamentally support him as CIC despite obvious differences between GOP and DEMS. I personally feel that the GOP...
  8. Priming an engine after sitting empty all winter?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Do i need to worry about it? I pulled my motor 3 months ago and drained all the fluids while i worked on my enterior.. Im about to throw it back in the boat and fill it all back up. Should i take any special precautions?
  9. So I am sitting at happy hour.......

    PB Open Water
    and this blonde sits down next to me. Nothing special except for her hair and great smile. After a few minutes we start talking and it becomes non-stop. Seems her "date" is late. 45 minutes later this guy shows up. At first I think he is just a loud mouth but we start talking and we have a...
  10. THE AUDACITY ( mother%[email protected]#*$ !!!) Usurping & undermining a sitting President.

    Political Rhetoric
    ** Obama tried to sway Iraqis on Bush deal In private conversations on troop presence, candidate pitched delay ** Barbara Slavin / Washington Times Friday, October 10, 2008 EXCLUSIVE: At the same time the Bush administration was negotiating a still elusive agreement to keep the U.S. military...
  11. So I'm sitting here in Coeur d'Alene....

    PB Open Water
    ...and wondering where the hell are the performance boats? I saw a DCB, but I really wanted to see a performance :)sphss
  12. So I'm sitting here behind home plate...

    PB Open Water
    ...Drinking my 5th beer and wondering... ...Who are the Dodgers playing again?
  13. It is too nice to be sitting inside right now,

    PB Open Water
    So I am sitting in the driveway having a beer in my last night in Havi and surfing the net. There is a nice breeze and this damn CL taste good.:)
  14. Gas sitting in boat for 1 week.

    PB Open Water
    Ok.. This may sound like a really dumb question. But I leave my boat in my garage in havasu.And when I'm not there it gets like 100+ degrees in there when I'm not running the swamp cooler. And I was wondering how bad that affects the octane rating of your gas. My friend was telling me that in...
  15. So here I was sitting at work....

    PB Open Water
    doing my best impression of a busy worker and thought to myself F THIS! I am off to the lake for some R&R...... Later :)
  16. For those sitting your boats in the garage

    Jet Boats
    Grab your lap tops. Here go your motor sounds,,, DJD I looked for your vid but couldn't find it. EDIT There you go No Regrets sounds wiked Jim, well you know. I like that PSI A Lot! Some day....:)devil
  17. Baby Sitting Question

    PB Open Water
    For all you with kids, What is the going rate for watching a 3 1/2 Year old now a days? We usually take our son everywhere but we have a neighbor that keeps asking us to watch him and I want to be fair to her.