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  1. carburetor size?

    Jet Boats
    Would a holley track warrier 850 be good for a mild built 454 chevy engine? i can not find a carburetor section.
  2. [Question] Carb size

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Building a new motor for my circle boat. It's gonna be a 468 bbc. Approximately 13:1 with a set of dart pro 1's. The heads are the super stock pro 1's. Cam is about .710 lift. Would an 850 be enough to feed it?
  3. an size vs flow

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Where is Bob when you need him? You guys... someone has this chart next to them now... I need to know flow in gpm of a -10 vs a -12 at 5 psi nominal pressure.... (don't worry about bends, turns, distance, etc... both will be similar for my purpose) I used to have some little machinists bible...
  4. prop blade size

    I have 2 props 1 is a precision and they other is menkins both are 11x15 the precision blade are smaller in with then the menkins what will this do for comparison and preformance
  5. Info on 1976 jetster engine size.

    Jet Boats
    I recently picked up a 16' 1976 jetster that is set up for a ford 302, I was wondering if anyone knows if the boat could handle a big block. I know with a big block and it being a 16' boat it would be a lot of motor but just wondering if it would be possible and not to much weight. Any info...
  6. Box anchor by slide anchor size large with bag 75$

    Parts for Sale
    In by magic mtn 75$
  7. Eng. Parts JE Pistons BBC 540 + .030 over size 548 inch 4.530 bore JE part number #257966

    Parts for Sale
    Have a set of these JE's i have maybe 3 hours run time if even that. this was Blown on E-85 .. i had a rod bearing start to fail and 1 piston got scratches on the skirt and i would not use it again , Block in that Cylinder got deep scratch as well so i bored it too .060 over and bought all new...
  8. Proper way to size new wear ring?

    Jet Boats
    I am rebuilding a 12jc and the impeller clearance will be a little tight with an undersized .045 wear ring. Question, Do I install the .045 wear ring and cut the impeller to .025 clearance, or can I get a wear ring to the exact clearance needed to match my impeller?
  9. Blower Size ?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I currently run a 10:71 on my 548 ci engine with a superchiller and two 1050 carbs. I run about 12 lbs of boost with 100LL. This is in a V drive cruiser. Would it be any benefit ,(more power), to up grade to a 14:71 if I plan to keep the boost about the same?
  10. size

    if I had a 11x 16 and went to a111/4 x 16 whats the result v-drive left hand
  11. V-drive "back to back" seating cockpit size?

    Thinking of converting a 17' Frahs flatbottom to a ski boat with Back to Back seats. Would use a SBC and can move the motor back a few inches. Can anyone tell me the minimum distance from the dash to the front of the motor one would need in order to accommodate back to back seats? I think I...
  12. PS Fuel Tank Size

    What size fuel tank do you typically run in a Pro Stock Racing Circle Boat? 8.5 gallons, 10.5 gallons? Thanks,
  13. E85 compression and carb size

    Bob Teague
    I am looking at buying a new E85 496 stroker jet boat motor for my 20.5 ft open bow carrara and have the option to choose compression. Ive read all kinds of different numbers so i thought i would ask you guys what you think. Ive seen anything from 11.1-16.1 i would like to see what you guys...
  14. Other Lifeline jacket size medium / large

    Parts for Sale
    Lifeline Racing Jacket in Excellent condition Red ,Blue and Yellow comes with carrying bag ! Located in Lake Havasu Asking $265.00 + shipping. This is an older model but you can have it re certified and up dated as it is in perfect condition! Call Wally 928-486-1787
  15. [Question] Jetting Size Input

    Jet Boats
    I'm running a somewhat mild BBC 468 with a set of Holley 660's. Currently the jets are 78 primary and 82 secondary. Last time out, checked a plug and it was pretty lean. Also noticed on top end it had a bit of "surge" is the best way to describe it. Anyways, from experience, is it recommended to...
  16. V-DRIVE BOAT BAR (full size)

    Boats for Sale
    This was a 1970 Wriedt flabottom... and is now a BOAT BAR with all the accessories that a fine bartender would love to have at their disposal for a fun time. It is the original 1970 gel coat and has been capped completely around the deck with a color added and then cleared. Custom pinstriping...
  17. [SOLD] LIFELINE Vest size XL

    Parts for Sale
    LIFELINE Racing Vest size XL for sale. Needs Recertification. Red, White and Blue. $200 Thanks for looking. Chris
  18. [Question] Intake opening size

    Jet Boats
    Right now mines 13.875 from the front of the loader mounting pad to the deepest part of the shoe. I've been told that's way too big. I have more data on my set up if that will help. What determines the optimum intake opening size? What is the benefit of closing it down? Thanks!
  19. Trim Plate Size Question

    Is there an ideal size for trim plates or a ratio to boat length or something that would provide a good starting point to fab up some new plates for a boat where none exist? The K-Boat and GN guys seem to have it down and I am looking to do a similar setup. Any input is greatly appreciated...
  20. Pisciotta Mid size Kurtis

    Does anyone know what happened to the Pisciotta Molds? does some one have them stashed away?? When I wrenched a few races for Mission Possible we ran that hull..And I think the TAH Thunder from Down Under was the same hull...starting a new project....Looking for info....