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  1. WTB 1958 TO 1962 16ft Biesemeyer or Rocket ski boat

    would like to recreate a ski boat like my dads looking to see whats out there ? :)sphss
  2. WTB 1958 TO 1962 16ft Biesemeyer or Rocket ski boat

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    Wanting to recreate a boat like my dad had when i was a kid ... checking to see whats out there ? :)sphss
  3. Under 23' 1975 Sanger Bubble Deck Family SKI

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    1975 Sanger Family Ski Bubble Deck, Gullwing TRUE FLAT Hull --- Being sold less ENGINE, but has everything to drop in your BBC, includes Glencoe polished logs, Sanger Original OT Pipes, Water pump, Ignition, Wiring, Driveline and cover Fully Restored, Rigging by Andy Herbert -TheBandit, This...
  4. Ski Beach hit and run

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Just read about an incident at Ski Beach that occured last night. A young female was killed and 5 people transported to local hospitals after a hit and run accident. Very limited information at this time. Hope there was at least one reliable witness.
  5. Andy clark racing ski

    User "How To" Section
  6. WTB blower mounted ski tow

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    Want to buy a blower mounted ski tow. I believe mike kuhl used to make them. Or if you know of another manufacture let me know. Thank you
  7. Here we go again 1981 Family Ski

    After looking for over five months, towed my new boat home yesterday. It's the same hull as my last one. I'll post more pics (and questions) as I start sorting it out. :)devil
  8. ISO ski tow for buick nailhead

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    Lookeing for motor mounted ski tow hook for a buick nailhead and a Wickens Whirlwind dash emblem
  9. [SOLD] Vintage Maherajah "Exotic Wood" Classic Slalom Water Ski 70 Inches

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    Selling an "Exotic Wood" Maherajah Classic Slalom ski. The Exotic Wood skis are in Bob Maher's own words "Drop Dead Gorgeous" due to the amount of exotic hard woods used in their construction. As can be seen in the photos, this ski is gorgeous. This ski also comes with a size 9 Mr M High Wrap...
  10. [SOLD] Maherajah 360 square back 69" water ski with case and Mr M High Wrap Binding

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    "SOLD" "SOLD"Selling a great condition Maherajah 360 Square Back Slalom ski with Maherajah soft case. This ski is in beautiful condition as can be seen in the pictures. The front binding is a Mr M High Wrap in size 8 with a rear toe plate and heel cup. Bob Maher, the owner of Maherajah...
  11. (PAIR) Vintage Late 1970's The Avenger Ski Boats Stickers

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    NEW OLD STOCK----LIMITED SUPPLY ((Selling as PAIRS.)) (($19.00)) Shipped These are the original remaining stickers. Made in the late 70"s These are placed on the inside of the window. They are in great condition. I am also selling The Avenger original emblems on my ebay page listing. If your...
  12. [Wanted] Vintage Water Ski Vests

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    Looking for a vintage Maherajah ski vest in a size XL. Also, interested in other old skool brands like; Vogue, Ski-King, Brad, Endo's, Bassett, Connelly, O'Brien and etc. Thank you!
  13. Picking a Water Ski!

    PB Open Water
    The time has come for me to finally buy a new water ski. I've torn the bindings out of all my other skis and replacing those is almost as much as a new ski. I've also never actually "chosen" a ski before- everything I've had was yard sale or craigslist specials, that I'd ride until the bindings...
  14. Ski tow for ford low profile

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    Ford ski tow low profile far condition 40.00 plus the ride
  15. WTB BBC ski tow

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    Whatcha got!
  16. WANTED!! Looking to purchase a Maherajah 360 water ski!

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    WANTED!! Looking to purchase a MAHERAJAH 360 water ski! Looking to purchase a Maherajah 360 water ski. Preferably a fiberglass model, but I'd entertain a wood model. Have cash, will travel or I can do paypal and shipping. Thank you!!
  17. ski tow 455 olds

    Parts for Sale
    Ski tow for 455 olds 40.00 + shipping
  18. [SOLD] Flat=bottom Ski Boat !

    Boats for Sale
    SOLD __Flat=bottom Ski Boat ! Mid to late '60s flat-bottom ski boat, ​Has Been Sold.
  19. [SOLD] RARE 1980 Miller Ski Boat - Inboard/Outboard

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    Miller Custom Boat - 20' Rare Inboard/outboard Chev V8 engine Torque Shift prop Matching swim Steps Matching Miller Trailer Original paint and upholstery, in very good condition Original Bimity Top (not shown in pictures) Seats 6 Has been garaged for past 7 years $6,250 OBO Contact: 805 - 588- 3228
  20. [SOLD] 1976 Miller Ski Boat

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    I am posting this for a great friend of mine whom recently lost his father. Its an awesome boat that I have had the opportunity to ski behind many times at Big River! 1976 MILLER 19’ Jet Boat, newly built 460 Ford. Less than 20 hours on new engine. 870 Holley Carb, Edelbrock Performer RPM...