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  1. Some slow progress

    Believe it or not I actually have been making some progress on the old Belmont. It has been very slow but steady. Here's a little teaser. Doing some mockup and Dy-Chem work, getting ready to machine the intake manifold top plate for 6 of these beautiesšŸ˜
  2. Slow Burn - 19 CP 4 sale

    Boats for Sale
    Slow Burn - 19 CP 4 sale - SOLD 2005 19' California Performance jetboat. Original owner. 572 Aluminum Dart Big M, Carrillo Rods, Weisco pistons, billet crank, AFR heads, single stage NoS. Too much to list. All the best built by Wayne Gaskamp. This new motor has less than 1 hour and NEVER was...
  3. P/B is so slow

    PB Open Water
    For a "performance" boat site this site is so slow it hurts. I know you all are head shy about security but I think you all are giving up to much for your security. Half the time I wont even both to open a page because it takes so long. In a day and age of instant access or just pushing an app...
  4. Miss Geico in slow motion video

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  5. Even the car guys with turbos are a little slow

    Jet Boats
    It's not just a boat thing :D
  6. Fixed... slow to engage bravo xr . Used to take 10 seconds to engage. With pics

    PB Open Water
    Here is a fix for a slow to engage bravo . The whole thread is in the outdrives section of this forum, titled"(Fixed) drive gears and cone clutch that are slow to engage into forward" (not a link) I thought I would share it here too because I posted questions on several sites and only...
  7. [Question] pics of drive gears and cone clutch that are slow to engage into forward

    (Fixed) Bravo XR drive gears and cone clutch that are slow to engage into forward I have a 28 foot eliminator with a single Teague 850 blower motor. My Teague Platinum bravo xr drive began taking a longer and longer amount of time to engage into forward. Eventually it does engage and does...
  8. [Question] Your thoughts on my teague xr drive slow to engage into forward

    My 28 daytona has a blown Teague 509 and a Teague platnum xr drive. I have been religious about changing the drive oil with Amsoil severe gear 75/110. Drive has around 50 hours with 80% of that under 65mph. lately it has taken longer and longer to engage, It drops into gear but it does not...
  9. Is this boat too slow?

    Jet Boats
    Here is my 21 foot 1980 Kachina mini day cruiser. It has a Olds 455 with TT exhaust. Berkeley 12JG jet with a small rudder. I have a GPS reading of 48 mph @ 4500ft elevation. This will be my winter project to pull the motor and pump to see if I can make improvements. Should I have more...
  10. [Question] 97 scarab 19 jet ...5.7 sbc hardly moves, HELP!

    Jet Boats
    Ok so it's my first jet bear with me. It's a 97 well craft scarab 19' put a 5.7 sbc in it has a Volvo Penta jet has a place diverter and electric trim. The engine is running great. Revs too 4500 boat hardly does 10 mph. I checked access cover to impeller nothing stuck in there no debris no shaft...
  11. 454 turns over slow after new bearings?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Problems today! I went to try and fire up my 454 motor on the stand today and I have an issue. Let me first say that this is the first time I have been in the bottom end of a big block. To start off, I put a new crank in it and also replaced the main and rod bearings. everything else stayed...
  12. How slow can you go

    Took the stevens out again getting to learn the pedal but was going through the channel had a guy in a cobalt tell me I was going to fast I told him the only way I could go slower was to shut it off. Other than putting a transmission in it there's no other way to go slower is there, it idles at...
  13. Has no one ever noticed this before, or am I just slow?

    PB Open Water
    The other day I was at one of the home improvement stores, out in the garden area. They had the regular variety of tools and plants and hoses, and flowers. One of the flower areas had a nice presentation of some purple and yellow flowers, in exactly the colors of the Lakers uniforms and...
  14. Slow Cookin'

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    seen a few requests for ideas, how to's, etc. on cooking... here is anything, everything, and sometimes never thought about, you need to know at this site... it's free and will give you any answers you're looking for... tell em I sent ya!! :))THumbsUp - Powered by vBulletin
  15. WHY is this site so slow

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    GOOD GOD......this is's so painfully slow, takes 30 seconds or more to refresh or change pages, Hell I could get a new Rex Marine catalog quicker :happy:
  16. Huge thanks to Slow Burn

    Jet Boats
    Thanks for your hospitality yesterday at the event. Had a great time and cant wait til next year to attend again. You guys were great Kenny AKA Redneck
  17. Does anyone else agree this site navigates too slow?

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  18. Life in the Slow Lane

    PB Open Water
    HOPE THIS BRINGS A SMILE TO YOU ...EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT 60 PLUS YET! Life in the slow lane Questions and Answers from AARP Forum SENIORS,ONLY Q: Where can single men over the age of 60 find younger women who are interested in them? A: Try a bookstore, under Fiction...
  19. i know why YOUR sh!t is so slow!

    Jet Boats
    "....the only thing wrong with it is the carburater needs to be balanced and blueprinted to go up to 75 mph only go's 60 right now...." you better get out there & balance those fawking carburetors bitches! (and dont talk to me about flow...
  20. help with slow leak...

    PB Open Water
    I've have owned outboards all my life but I picked up a boat with a Merc 350 mag/mpi and Bravo 1 drive, so I'm kind of an I/O newb. This weekend I noticed I have a slow leak in the boat. If I turn on the bilge every 45 minutes or so, I will eject a half quart to quart of water. There are no...