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  1. Economy is All Smoke, Mirrows and BS!

    Political Rhetoric
    The Fed caused 93% of the entire stock market's move since 2008: Analysis Story is from YAHOO NEWS, a very Liberal News Source..... :yes: Warning to Liberals, this story's link above contains economic trends and factors you may find difficult to comprehend. Therefore, your denial is not only...
  2. Smoke on the water

    V-Drives Click the link above Lake boats, flag start What would it take to do this in California or Arizona ? Maybe Parker? Apparently this has been going on in Oklahoma for about 15 yrs.
  3. Smoke on the water hydro for sale?

    Brendella "smoke on the water" hydro is this the real deal? There's no pictures of it but that's a healthy price. I'm just curious, I thought maybe some one here knows about it.
  4. On-board holy smoke 44ol desert storm 2014

    PB Open Water
  5. El Reno- Smoke on the Water - July 12-13, 2014

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Here is the information I was provided, I will add to this post as more comes available. Click the big black box.
  6. Anything on Ft. Cobb "Smoke on the Water" this year?

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Sux about Chouteau bend races being canceled, can't wait for the boat bash but does anyone know if the Ft. Cobb (Smoke on the Water) deal is going to happen Sep. 7th and 8th? Would be nice to hit Ft. Cobb since there is no SDBA races in Oklahoma this year!
  7. Smoke on the water

    Heres one of Irvs old Boats. Just an FYI. Drag boat Hondo/brendel (Blown Fuel Hydro) old smoke on the water boat in Powerboats & Motorboats | eBay Motors
  8. Overheating and now blowing smoke...

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Towards the end of last summer I noticed that my temp gauge was almost instantly pegging past the 250 degree mark.. I felt the exhaust logs and they were cool, hoses all felt cold so at that time (in my infinite wisdom) I figured I lost a ground wire or something and was getting a false...
  9. Student loan smoke and mirrors...

    Political Rhetoric
    Here we go again..... The student loan program in this country has been a part of the "private" sector for decades, if not more... The going rate of interest was/has been in the area of 6%.... So, the liberal pukes, in order to pay for some obamacare programs take it over to a gov't program...
  10. Smoke on the water 2012

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Well the river has been good to us so far so here it is,,july7th free launch,campimg,food/pigroast. 4193 adena trail 41080..should be a killer weekend..jeff&carolyn leeke
  11. Smoke on the water 2012.

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    JULY 7TH 859-393-3410 FOR MORE DETAILS. free camping.pig roast and dj/band . mile 499 ohio river and hot boats welcome..we love zommies!! so lets here it...sunrise acres campground,,jeff&carolyn leeke
  12. Hey Tuna boy, smoke THIS!!!

    PB Open Water
    :D In the second photo, far right that is a 15" 2+ pound white bass for scale. All total, 22 cats (blues and channels) :D Ya, I'm grimey, fishing through a spring downpour/storm is messy business... The guys from down at LOTO can vouch for yesterdays storm, it was a doozie!!! 3 hours in...
  13. Smoke -mirrors -and more BS

    Political Rhetoric When will it stop ?:angry:
  14. Poof..... more billion$ scheduled to go up in smoke

    Political Rhetoric
    " WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama will announce plans Thursday to funnel billions of dollars in economic aid to Egypt and Tunisia as part of a broader effort to inject democracy into the Middle East and North Africa. Obama will unveil a massive package of economic measures, including up to...
  15. The Smell of Marijuana Smoke

    PB Open Water
    Does anybody actually like it? I'd have to say it ranks with the most putrid odors I have ever had the misfortune to experience firsthand, along with boiled broccoli, dead skunks, fecal matter, mildew and that "Last Airbender" movie. Regardless of how jolly it might make you feel, pot reeks so...
  16. Black Smoke Part II

    PB Open Water
    Speaking of black smoke, the CHP had a roadblock set up today in Huntington for diesel trucks, not semis. Got flagged in, took the vin, the miles, hooked up to my computer, looked under the hood, looked at the exhaust, revved the motor to check for smoke and off I went. Funny they didn't say...
  17. Black Smoke Dont Mean Its Broke

    PB Open Water
    Well I got this in the mail. Couldn't help but laugh. It must have been someone in a hybrid that reported me to the Global Warming police. Has anyone else recieved one of these for blowing black smoke?
  18. Smoke on the Water

    PB Open Water
    It sure is alot of smoke out there this morning, at least thats what it looks like. CA. on fire again?
  19. To The King of Big Smoke

    Hud, just sitting here thinking about the fact that you turn 61 today. Happy birthday lil buddy. I hope its a good b-day for you. I just want you to know that I appreciate everything you have done for me and I'm sure everyone else you help is too. Love ya buddy:D:)
  20. Hows the smoke at Berryessa?

    Not the grass, but the smoke from the fire.