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  1. Snowing down there yet ??

    PB Open Water
    we got it already :shock:
  2. Its snowing...

    PB Open Water
    Its been snowing now for six hours in Palmdale.
  3. Snowing on Baldy

    PB Open Water
    Weather update 23f at the notch 7800' wind 10 out of northwest 1 foot of fresh pow to start the morning should snow all day :)devil:)devil:)devil 3 more feet and Baldy will be rockin:D (those that ski baldy know what I mean) :)hand
  4. It's freakin snowing here

    PB Open Water
    ..the time is comming!
  5. Why is it still snowing?!?!

    PB Open Water
    Its mid-May and there is no reason to find snow anywhere in the US. It snowed here last night and caused a big wreck on 80. Snow on the weather map out west in Wyoming. :|err
  6. Son Of A Bitch, it's snowing!

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    I'm really starting to hate the land of 10,000 lakes!
  7. Coeur d''s snowing

    West Coast - North
    Got up this morning to snow again..maybe an inch, but it is sticking..Thought we were through with this..
  8. When will it stop snowing!!

    West Coast - North
    Its supposed to be Spring time, but for some reason mother nature just dosen't agree.. 11 inch's of snow over night..
  9. It's Snowing Again..

    PB Open Water
    Got up this morning, looked out the window and it's snowing here in Coeur d'Alene. Could not even see across the lake. Most of the winter snow had melted off. Going to be a high today of around 42. Spring was here, now it's gone for awhile. Snow on and off for the next 10 days and that should be...
  10. Snowing in Las Vegas

    PB Open Water
    Kids are stoked; about to hook up ski rope to back of Suburban and take them for a ski-ride.