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  1. Nice polished blower for sale

    Parts for Sale
    Weiand 671 street or strip polished blower in great shape. Two 1050 Dominators with linkage. Mike Kuhl Carb. spacer,Kuhl polished scoop, Kuhl fuel distribution log, with gage and Mallory regulator. Top 8 MM 53 tooth pulley and belt tensioner. First $2800.00 takes it. Plus shipping Call Leland...
  2. [SOLD] 1976 Sanger Runner Bottom

    Boats for Sale
    SOLD 1976 Sanger Runner Bottom Hi, I have a nice solid 1976 Sanger runner bottom lake boat (not a show boat in any means but nice) with blue printed bottom and it has been a great boat for me. This boat has a 10° Casale v-drive with 18 gears and a whirlaway as well as a air shift. It also has a...
  3. So... The site was sold? What a mess.

    Parts for Sale
    Whoever installed all these ads that are making my AAA/Fuel computer act like a 286 Commodore needs to know people won't put up with the crap your money maker header ads are causing for long. When its a video ad it buffers and buffers making my computer slow and dropping the page and dropping...
  4. 1976 21 foot El Cid that was sold a few months ago.

    I know this was sold months ago. I am curious who bought the boat and what they plan on doing with It. I always thought this would have been a fun build. Anyone know. Thanks, Jon 1976 21 foot El cid, 2,500 with trailer. Gn project up for sale, I've ventured into another gn project and...
  5. bbc comp cams sold roller lifters

    Parts for Sale
    bbc comp cams solid roller lifters Low run time comp bbc lifters asking 125 shipped I can txt or email pics
  6. Marking Parts For Sale Sold!

    PB Open Water
    I'm getting completely annoyed by the clueless people here :bangmyhead::bangmyhead::bangmyhead: I don't want to open your parts for sale and read sold as the last post. This brings you to the top :asshat::asshat::asshat::asshat::asshat::asshat: IT'S REALLY SIMPLE TO MARK YOUR POST SOLD...
  7. 18' southwind jet boat

    Boats for Sale
    <SOLD> 18' southwind jet boat Have a 1975 18' southwind jet boat for sale berkley split bowl pump, ride plate, place diverter fiberglass seats freshly painted tandem axle trailer gen 4 bbc 468 motor will sell complete turn key or sell seperate 5500.00 turn key 3500.00 less motor...
  8. Boat 104 ------ SOLD

    Someone got a smokin deal on a proven, very well set-up, eye-catching Cole, will be very happy with it, sad to see it go though, always looked forward to see Steve at the races and lake Irvine, good people...........I'll just have to call now.
  9. Shovel Nose Hydro

    Boats for Sale
    1970 Shovel Nose Hydro for sell. Blown injected on gas. 396 big block Chevy. 871 blower. Bug catcher hat. Joe Hunt magneto. Lenco 2 speed. 10 degree box with 35 gears and prop release. Outboard steering. $12,500 FIRM! Located in Sacramento CA. Personally built by South Sac REDWOOD...
  10. 1979 Bahner 18' Jet Estate sale

    Boats for Sale
    1979 Bahner $ 8500.00 OBO BBC, Mallory Super Mag, Dual 75o's Berkeley Pump w/ shoe,ride plate and nozzle reducer. Don't know any particulars about engine except that it was built by Bud Cornelius and has some very nice accessories. Contact Terry 626 627-3999
  11. lenco racing trim tabs

    Parts for Sale
    lenco racing trim tabs and misc parts I have a new set of lenco trim tabs never installed 12 by 12 bottom 12 by 10 inch top with lenco heavy duty actuators 600 obo
  12. sold to Vertical Scope, Inc.

    PB Open Water
    It is with both great joy and sadness that I post this thread in the forums today. After several weeks of negotiations and nights of contemplation, I have decided to sell and the forums to Vertical Scope, Inc. Vertical Scope is a company that specializes in operating and...
  13. [SOLD] 1981 wolfer tunnel jet

    Boats for Sale
    1981 Wolfer tunnel jet:light layup,Domonator with b/c impeller,droop,manual diverter, SBC 358 ci ,4 bolt,all forged h beams,je 13:1 pistons,World Product Sportman II heads angle milled,mech. Roller,750 quick fuel,weiand,holley blue with rec. Line to 8 gal fuel cell.motor turns b/c impeller 5500...
  14. Sad Day - My Coupe is Sold

    PB Open Water
    I put 11 hours on my boat last year and only 3 hours thus far this year. So I had it listed, and sold it on Friday. I've heard the saying that the 2 happiest days of a boat owners lives are the day the boat is bought and the boat is sold. I can tell you I felt like crap selling this...
  15. [SOLD] Manual Place Diverter

    Parts for Sale
    I have one manual place diverter with a polished floor mount handle. No cable, but both appear to be in decent shape. $300 Includes the bowl adapter for a Berk split bowl.
  16. Under 30' 266 jc tri toon

    Boats for Sale
    266 jc tri toon 32500.00 sold 266 jc tri toon 133 hrs, 350 mag, alpha drive, double tops , nice boat, 32500.00or best offer (sold)
  17. 6,000 Chevy Volts Sold: Government Subsidies of $250,000 Each

    Political Rhetoric
    Gov’t subsidies for Chevy Volt up to $250,000 per car? « Hot Air I heard Larry Elder talking about this today. 6,000 Volts sold by GM.. GM BK cost stock holders 34 billion. (GM did not pay back their loan for the American people). The 250,000 each Volt is subsided doesn't could the battery...
  18. Sold my mandella

    A guy in noth carolina just bought it sight unseen, It's going back to period correct show boat:thumb:
  19. Sold my Rogers

    Jet Boats
    Sold the rogers today, lookin forward to my next build CANT WAIT:)hand
  20. Marking threads as SOLD (new feature)

    Other Stuff for Sale
    We just added a new feature to the Market Place (former spam) sections of the site. You can now mark a thread as SOLD. This will add a [SOLD] prefix to the thread title and will also lock the thread. No real instructions needed, just take a look at the attached image.