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  1. Political Rhetoric
    The president has pulled out all the stops to finally get the KenyanKare servers and website fully operational since the launch has been nothing short of a complete disaster and an embarrassment to everyone involved. hil:) hil:)
  2. PB Open Water
    Hi all! We are currently seniors in high school and working on our senior project for an engineering course. We are currently developing a product to help reduce propeller damage to outboard motors. We would appreciate your time in filling out the quick 7 question survey below. Thank you! EDD...
  3. Jet Boats
  4. Political Rhetoric
    QE3 is coming my god where will this end? Bernanke: Fed would supply more stimulus if needed - Yahoo! Finance
  5. Political Rhetoric
    I haven't started a thread in forever and was just told I was unsophisticated so am opting to give that liberal something to really get up in arms about.... I have a friend that recieved a DUI in Arizona and after that incident has swore off drinking and driving due to the conditions of his...
  6. Political Rhetoric
    OK, I'm not all that up on the way the "future's" market works, but it sure seems it is the speculators that continue to drive the oil price up by "speculating".... So, how about an "executive order" by obama REQUIRING a 20%, NON refundable, deposit for all "future" oil speculations for the next...
  7. PB Open Water
    I would suggest a 10% federal tax credit on all GM-Chrysler-Ford products sold to all tax payers (not just busnesses) from now until April 15, 2009, with the credit retroactive for the 2008 tax year. There is already a tax credit for businesses or self employed persons that buy SUVs over...
  8. Political Rhetoric
    I'm watching John McCain's Point-by-Point Proposal to get us out of the 'Economic Crisis' we're now in and to move forward ..... Finally, a Pointed Plan that makes sense ... Let's see what the Obama 'Camp' comes up with later today ....... A detailed Plan as put forth by McCain or, just more...
  9. Political Rhetoric
    John McCain spoke in Houston yesterday proposing we start drilling offshore. GWB is proposing lifting the offshore drilling moratorium. FL Gov. Crist is softening his stance on the topic. Ron Paul agrees it's time to get back in the Gulf in his interview yesterday. The Republicans want to allow...