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  1. These three could be Obama's sons

    Political Rhetoric
    They showed that creepy ass racist cracker a thing or three! Clash DailyMY THREE SONS: Three Black Teens Brutally Beat White Teen, No Word from Obama, Sharpton, Jackson - Clash Daily
  2. My Son's 2011/2012 Fight Video

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    jrbty284 - YouTube
  3. These two fellows could be Obama's sons

    Political Rhetoric
    Seminole County Sheriff's Office: Two arrested after beating leaves man on life-support - Orlando Sentinel When should we begin to riot? :rolleyes:
  4. Sons of Anarchy

    PB Open Water
    Sons of Anarchy marathon on FX. Up all nite!
  5. sons of anarchy

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    has anyone heard when the new season begins?
  6. My Sons FootBall Team Played in The SuperBowl!!!!

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    Well the SuperBowl of 9-10 year olds that is. They were undefeated all year. However they lost last night. The part I can,t get over is the PARENTS...they act like a bunch of ASSHOLES!!!!!!! Screaming at the Refs.....:(:(Just get over it we LOST....WOW is all I can say. Even the coaches got...
  7. Sons Of Anarchy

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    on FX right now. It has some potential and hope it turns out to be good. Anybody else watching?
  8. Sons of Anarchy

    PB Open Water
    Anyone else watch the series premiere on FX last night?