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  1. BBSP Big Block Spanking Party 2014

    Please post your responses in the v-drive section to help stir the pot and piss off the car motor boat guys. It's all in good fun. Please click below: People ask all the time... What is...
  2. BBSP Big Block Spanking Party 2014

    Get your Butt to BBSP !!! BIG BLOCK SPANKING PARTY 2014 "The Reunion" !!! I love this photo !!! BBSP 2014 April 11, 12, 13th Lake Havasu!!! People ask all the time... What is (BBSP) Big Block Spanking Party all about. In a nutshell it's Bragging Rights Baby. Who's the fastest and meeting...
  3. Brand spanking new Iwata airbrush gun

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I have a brand new in the box and case Iwata cm-c plus air brush gun, sells for $550 + tax. This is the TOP OF THE LINE air brush gun that iwata makes. For professionals and can make you thousands if you know how to use it.. Im lookin to sell this gun for $400 or trade for jet boat parts/ bbc...
  4. anyone going to the Big Block Spanking Party?

    Jet Boats
    who has the chicken anyway?
  5. Big Block Spanking Party Pics,

    PB Open Water
    I have to say, all this hype over the past few weeks being off work, boating, vegas for van halen, poker run, racing, parties and some more boating - I just have not taken the time to post all the pics I have been taking. These should not be left out, it was a great day on the water! I had...
  6. Big Block Spanking Party AKA BBSP

    Also known as BBSP is held at Lake Havasu every April. This was started years ago for fun. It's all about boats and fun. Visit the OB section from now and again and you will find the dates and places. Everyone is welcome. To compete you must drive your boat under it's own power to the...
  7. Big Block Spanking Party Exposed!!!

    Here's a fun little clip from the controversial 2005 BBSP. I can't believe this was 3 years ago already. :) Part 1 Part 2
  8. Spanking your kids..............

    PB Open Water
    A long story with a question.................... I had a lady come in today with a kid that was out of control. He was running around, knocking boots off the shelf, ripping up cards, etc....... She walked over over to him and sternly told him to stop. He looked at her, ripped his arm away...
  9. BBSP Big Block Spanking Party 2008

    Races and Boating Events
    ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!!! and get the 2008 Boating season off to a great start!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS April 18, 19 , 20th 2008 BBSP at Lake Havasu!!! EVERYONE POST UP so that we can see who's gonna show. I really hope to see you all again. Nor Cal group we sure hope you can make it...