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  1. Speaking of Illiinois...

    Political Rhetoric
    The genius, Sen. Mattie Hunter, D-Chicago, has proposed taxing the State into prosperity yet another way. The theory is that by taxing a penny an ounce on sugar drinks Statewide will raise revenue and slim down the population, as well as save medical costs related to all the fat people... Of...
  2. Speaking of flip flops..

    Political Rhetoric
    Well, He actually did it. I could personally care less, but I believe this takes the cake for vote pandering. Not sure it will work though. Seems his desperation is leading him. First Read - Obama: 'I think same-sex couples should be able to get married'
  3. Speaking of family projects....

    One of our very own and his wonderful wife found out yesterday that they are expecting TWINS.... K -323 is building his own pit crew! Congrats Ryan and Mandy Heiser :clapping: I told him one will be making big smoke and the other will be handing out moonshine!
  4. Speaking of Dictators.....

    PB Open Water
    Not Kim but.....:p
  5. Speaking of Starbucks

    PB Open Water
    : Small, Medium, Large : Foamy The Squirrel - YouTube
  6. Cheney speaking out

    Political Rhetoric
    First saying that there was no evidence that Iraq had any involvment with 9/11. Then blaming Richard Clarke for 9/11, saying that he 'must have missed it', despite he apparent memo to the President in August 01 about possible attacks. Throw in his gay marriage opinions, and he's been on...
  7. Speaking of Eric Holder

    Political Rhetoric
    ok, we weren't but I thought we could. Not sure if any of you saw this or heard about it but here's what our wonderful Attorney General had to say- I'm pretty sure the race card will never go away with these clowns in office! just out of curiosity, how many of you are "cowards"?
  8. Gore Speaking at an Elementary School

    Political Rhetoric
    Al Gore giving a speech to 3,000 young school kids the day before inauguration. 'You know things older people don't know'. He also told these kids 'NOT to listen to their parents.' If I were a parent at this school, I would have had him banned from speaking there again. What kind of person...
  9. Speaking of Guns...Fun Shoot last Saturday:

    PB Open Water
    The San Diego Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association (I'm a member) had a fun shoot this past Saturday. 60 people competing in 4 different events. One new member, who does firearms training for a living, took 1st Place in all four events. He shoots 500-1,000 rounds a week. The competition was...
  10. Speaking of carbs how bout my 800dp

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Marine #9022 does my carb flow like a 750 or 850 or????
  11. Speaking of cool vids:

    Jet Boats
    This isn't a boat but it's pretty cool just because of the engineering needed to pull it off. I'd like to see some pictures of drawings of the drive system: Sleeper CP :D
  12. Speaking of guns

    PB Open Water
    Be careful and practice good gun safety. I just got a phone call from my guys in the fire dept. and a phone call from the sheriffs dept. A duck hunter was killed this morning while walking to the blind. He was killed instantly by the person walking behind him, his brother. Very sad to hear this...
  13. Farrakhan on Obama: 'The Messiah is absolutely speaking'

    Political Rhetoric
  14. Speaking of Dynos....

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Has anyone ever made a simple dyno that you can build at home for basic numbers read out on a PC (personal computer)?
  15. Speaking of white trash

    PB Open Water
    How is this for upstanding citizens
  16. Speaking of waterskies.

    PB Open Water
    If you can't sell waterskies make counter tops. Hell why not.
  17. Speaking of land lines..

    PB Open Water
    How many people dont have land lines with the cell phones now a days??:)bulb