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  1. spent the morning with HUD !

    ended up coming home with this , i highly recommend puting your order in ! spent a couple hrs dialing in the barrell and presto , BBQ BLISS ...................... C' mon , HUD your the man ! btw, HUD, cindy's offer still stands for the fu recipe .
  2. How I Spent My Summer (so far)

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Been dying to come to a meet and hang with you guys this year but it just hasn't worked out. Been busier than Michael Jackson at a Chuckie Cheese Birthday Party !!! For starters, I sold the Schiada, It went to a good home in L. A. probably within 100 miles of where It came...
  3. Spent hours,

    PB Open Water
    waxin the boat yesterday... and now I dont want to take it out of the garage to use it.....
  4. Spent the day in Death Valley New Yrs. Some pix.

    PB Open Water
    Took a drive out to DV yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful out and about 60 degrees most of the day. What a great time. Had lunch at the Furnace Creek Inn. Checked out Dante's Peak, Zabriski Point, Bad Water and some other points of interest. My wife and I love getting out of the house and...
  5. How much have you spent...

    PB Open Water
    on... lets say... things like boob jobs, homes, cars, etc... and now someone else is reaping the benefits? :)st :)grn
  6. What's the best hundred bux you ever spent?

    PB Open Water
    Well,, what's the best $100 ya ever spent?: