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  1. Eliminator "Spider" ?

    I've heard of an Eliminator "Spider" but I've never seen one before, is this one ? It caught my attention because the second pic shows what looks like the start of strakes under the bow, looks...
  2. 72 Eliminator 19ft Spider SBC V-drive Flat Bottom

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    Correction its not a Spyder but rather a v-bottom. See Brochure below This is a sweet little boat and very rare. Mild SBC, Champion box, Velvet drive. Original trailer in great shape all lights work and just replaced bearings. Paint OK, interior OK. Floor and boat in great shape. Lots of room...
  3. Spider vs Wasp

    PB Open Water
    Spider Vs. Wasp Video
  4. F-430 spider

    PB Open Water
    finally i got them , big thanks to Roland at RBP he hooked me up , i wasn't sure how i would like them , but now i do , what do you guys think?
  5. F-430 spider

    PB Open Water
    i was gonna wait till next year but i couldn't wait so i bought my self an early present, leaving in 30 minutes to go pick it up from Huston Texas
  6. Spider Bull taken in Utah

    PB Open Water New spider bull taken Sept. 30 2008 WOW
  7. 1978 Eliminator Spider

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    1976 Eliminator Spider 18 ft flatbottom 1976 Eliminator spider 18 foot flatbottom rare 1 of 6 v-drives. Professionaly built ford 390. Original gel coat this boat is in excellent condition. please contact 760-947-4914 eves 760-803-4983 days