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  1. The Country's Death Spiral

    Political Rhetoric
    You just know R&J, CVX, shue, and 1986 are celebrating the destruction of this country's finacial state and Obama's agenda to collapse the economy. Adding another 12+ million illegals to the welfare burden by putting them "on a path to citizenship" can't help but speed up the process. I look at...
  2. Taylor 8mm Spiral core wires cut for BBC

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD!!! Taylor 8mm Spiral core wires cut for BBC SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! have a set of basically brand new wires that are Taylor brand with Straight boots on them..they are the 8mm Spiral Core wire and sell for 60 bucks new but you have to put them together...
  3. No spiral lock grooves

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Well I pulled my gen 6 502 apart and it does have JE pistons Only problem is …it does not have the grooves for spiral locks. What option do I have to run full floating wrist pins? Can the grooves be cut in these pistons? Should I run a button?