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  1. Say it aint so....... Spitters Gullwing pics

    Jet Boats
    Its been a looooooooong time but the wait is finally paying off. She will be wet next weekend :) Huge thanks to Jetboatperformance,Maximum Horsepower Machine and Hi-Techperformance. Now I see why I have 3 motors for this damn boat. I will NOT go another summer without boating again!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Spitters Gullwing A.K.A Gull-Bling Build

    Jet Boats
    As many of you know, I have had several obstacles thrown at me during my boat buildup. I have had every challenge during the last year. I think it was a mind test from the good lord. I feel that he was testing me to see if I would break down mentally. Well it didnt happen and I am finally ready...