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  1. Other Stuff for Sale
    LOOKS AWSOME.............
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Of course, she's been openly corrupt, a pathological liar, denied congressional inquiries, broken constitutional law with her foundation and traded arms deals for financing to her foundation but now, she's been charged with racketeering! No way will the liberals let such a liberal-qualified...
  3. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    The wife and I are toying with moving to a place we can boat more... So a question for you DLB's where do you think an Ideal spot to live is?? Must be waterfront. The cooler the better... lol The bigger the lot/land the better.. We live on 20 acres now. Im a General Contractor so land or fixers...
  4. GN7 On the Dyno
    Both of my motors started doing this at the beginning of the season, one ( that runs about 25+ hotter @ 200*) fixed itself. The port is still doing this even after a long run and even @ Loto with 80* water temps and 90* air temps. This is the only corner where the milk is forming in the...
  5. West Coast - North
    I don't know where everyone else is located, but I live in Selah, WA and there are a lot of lakes in the area, none that is really very close. There is one spot near here that has a two-mile stretch of slow to moderate current on the Yakima River that is a couple of minutes away and easily...
  6. Other Stuff for Sale
    Like the title reads. I have 2 50 amp rv spots for stagecoach. Each spot comes with 2 weekend passes and 8 friends rv wrist bands. The friend wrist bands will not get u in the show but allow u to have friends back to your rv spot to party. $2500 each Joe text 714 928-4373
  7. Other Stuff for Sale
    Lot is 25'X90', the place started out life as a 35' travel trailer and has about a 12' addition to the right side. It needs work, but its usable as is. AC was brand new a few years ago, we fixed the water heater and a few other little things. I may have a 2nd AC for the back bedroom here real...
  8. PB Open Water
    Does anyone know someone that is selling there Rv infield spot for the NASCAR race this march in Fontana Ca
  9. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Im launching at mossdale crossings for the 5 th time this year on sunday anyone go toward oakwood park never been that way
  10. West Coast - South
    I'm sure this is the wrong place for this post but since it's the az part was wondering if anyone had a RV camping spot for sale for country thunder 2013 in Florence ? Plz text or call John 520-331-3935 thanks
  11. Other Stuff for Sale
    World Finals RV spot #19 for sale since it looks like we will be racing. Contact me if you are interested. 970-759-5140 P.S. Our neighbors cook some AMAZING food and they are really fun to party with. CALL ME
  12. Other Stuff for Sale
    World Finals RV spot #19 for sale since it looks like we will be racing. Contact me if you are interested. 970-759-5140 P.S. Our neighbors cook some AMAZING food and they are really fun to party with. CALL ME
  13. Jet Boats
    In the pic , the shoe is about 5/16 above the keel.
  14. Other Stuff for Sale
    Buddy of mine is selling his spot at McIntyre Park in Blythe. Its an older trailer with air, nice TV, stove, Kitchen eating area etc. Has a new concrete slab with a new awning. Room for a boat on the slab next to the trailer covered out of the sun under the awning. I don't have pics but you can...
  15. Political Rhetoric
    If you'd like a little humor, check out North Korea's official website. Don't get in a hurry however. Apparently they still use 2400 baud dial-up modems because the web site is slow as hell.
  16. PB Open Water
    D.S. Poker Run - Hang out Spot???? So where is the best location down River to get a couple good Camera Shots of the Big Boys coming down at full Speed to the 1st Stop? In the past we usually anchor off somewhere down around Black Meadow but where is everybody else hanging out to catch the action?
  17. West Coast - South
    I am looking to get a year around RV spot at Hidden Shores. I am on the waiting list but it seems like it might take awhile. Anyone know of someome who is looking to sell their trailer and transfer their spot? Not looking for a house, just a trailer. Thanks
  18. PB Open Water
    75$ a day. just show up with your boat. sleeps 6. full hookups 30ft 5th wheel motorhome on perminate spot. 949-677-2468
  19. PB Open Water
    So, my wifes drive'n the boat and I say "Watch out for the bad drivers" she says, "how can you tell who they are??" I say " they're the ones that you are following and you never see their face!" she says, " How does that make them bad?" I say cause those are the one that think that they are...
  20. PB Open Water
    What is the best wax to prevent waterspots? The water in Havasu is so hard. My boat is a 27 Daytona Open bow Purple, Orange and Red deck (Dark Colors), between the kids and the wind on the lake lately. The top deck gets covered in hard water spots every day I'm out. I try to wipe it down when I...