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  1. PB Open Water
    Hey, got an old "jungle gym" trailer that carries around my 59 Biesemeyer. Looks to have some sort of leaf springs from a 1950's P/U truck but it's really hard to figure out sizes online. Also I had to replace the wheel bearings a while back and they ended up being 1947-59 GM tapered roller...
  2. Parts for Sale
    1.550" Springs used 1 Season. Perfect Condition. Locators, Retainers, Locks Included. .700 Max Lift --220lbs at 1.900 $50 I pay shipping 951-318-1998
  3. Parts for Sale
    I have a brand new set of PAC #1224 solid roller springs. They were purchased on a brand new set of AFR 2101 heads that are being used with a hydraulic roller cam. They are $310 from Summit, buy this set for $225 Here is the Summit listing with all specs...
  4. GN7 On the Dyno
    My 2001 496 HO is at ~350 hours. The information I have been able to find with valve spring info has been slim. The valve springs do not have much seat pressure, 65 to 75 lbs. I know this is not a 525 blue motor that needs top end work at 200 hours, but these motors are ran harder than any...
  5. GN7 On the Dyno
    What percentage of valve spring pressure can you lose before you consider them toast? I'm running a manley nextek 221454. 290 on the seat and 850 over the nose. Boat sees about 8500 at the stripe. Don't have a problem replacing them just don't want to replace springs that are still considered...
  6. PB Open Water
    Racers, please be on the lookout for a Lenco boat clutch with 2-speed and bell housing that was stolen from UPS hub in Palm Springs, CA. on 10/20/15. It has 25% gears in it. Let's catch this sorry "POS" an tie a rope to there balls behind a top fuel hydro and go.
  7. Other Stuff for Sale
    Front Sway Bar is 1-5/16 By Addco Rear Sway Bar is 1.50 Solid by Herb Adams Sway bars and springs don't even have 100 miles on them Springs are Moog Cargo Coils Are Stiffer Spring car sits level All are in Mint Condition All fit 73-77 A Body $350 Call or text Tim 508-902-8528
  8. Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Looking for Competitive flat bottom road trailer axles and springs. Also would need to buy some wheels and tires. Let me know if anyone has anything. Thanks Jason 818-522-6364
  9. GN7 On the Dyno
    Just lost a valve spring. What are people using these days? Are they reliable at .820 lift or should I consider a little smaller cam? thanks
  10. Parts for Sale
    These springs came with my new Dart Pro 1 heads. They are new and never used. They also come with the retainers. My engine builder wanted to use a different kind for whatever reason. The heads were 310cc part number 19100136. Let me know if you have questions.$150.00
  11. GN7 On the Dyno
    I removed a Comp 11-000-9 Billet solid roller cam with .772" lift from my BBC blown gas 522 CID engine, then installed a Comp 11-694-8 Non-billet cam with less lift (.652"). Brodix heads have Manley Nextek double springs #221424 with 1.64" OD & nice titanium retainers. They have 250# closed seat...
  12. Parts for Sale
    "SOLD" Valves & Springs Cleaning out the garage. These were out of the 572 motor. Missing one exhaust valve in the set, all straight, no seat damage. Springs are still really nice. $50 for all, you pay shipping if needed. cell 562-833-1858 Gene
  13. Parts for Sale
    Set of Crower severe duty lifters .842 lifter bore, high pressure pin oiling. 100 runs $150 + shipping Manley 221448-16 valve springs with ti retainers 100 runs $300 + shipping
  14. Parts for Sale
    just stock valve springs 616-262-6076
  15. Other Stuff for Sale
    [*=center]Beautiful 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath double wide mobile home [*=center]Located on the second row in the 700's overlooking the lake. [*=center]Very open floor plan [*=center]2 King size and 1 Queen size bedrooms [*=center]All new paint, carpet, tile, granite, crown and base molding and much...
  16. Parts for Sale
    55mm cam smith bros & Manton pushrods, PAC springs w titanium retainer .937 lifters Bullet custom ground 55mm. BBC. Made 1140hp with dart 18 degree big chief heads at 7300 rpm in a 572 9.800 deck height. .802 in lift .816 ex lift using 1.7 ratio rockers. 112 centerline. adv dur 340 in...
  17. Sw

    PB Open Water
    Sweet Dipp'n in the Springs07/28/2014 0 Comments One of the nice things that have evolved out of our love for boating is the people we meet. A friend of my husband’s introducing him to a boating friend who introduced us to his friend and that lead to us becoming friends as families. Their...
  18. Parts for Sale
    SOLD!!! NEW clay smith Hyd. Roller cam, springs and lifters Need to sell or trade this stuff for a solid roller set up. All new, all in the original packaging. Call/txt 760-455-8588 Kyle or PM. HUGE thank you to Clay Smith Cams for letting me trade all this in on a solid roller set up...
  19. GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a Teague 509 blower motor ( the 800hp) with their custom cam, sorry I dont know he specs. I just winterized it and backed off the rockers . I know the springs are 8 years old and have not been replaced or backed off while in storage before. Should I take them out and replace them. I...
1-19 of 64 Results