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  1. 1967 Drags Marine Stadium

    I was contacted by a Mr. Junji Nakamura on another site and he sent me 9 different clips he shot at the stadium on his 16mm camera back in '67. Junki and his brother drag raced at Lions and did a lot of surfing back in the day and rarely went to the stadium so its pretty cool that this footage...
  2. Free Event LB Marine Stadium August 22

    Races and Boating Events
    When was the last time there was a free (no admission charge to the public) special event at Long Beach Marine Stadium? Hard to remember, but there will be on Saturday, August 22. If you want see a full day (8am to 6pm) of water ski/wakeboard/kneeboard/hydrofoil and assorted other wild...
  3. Long Beach Marine Stadium 2015

    Can someone please 110% cofirm the dates of August 8/9 for the Marine Stadium/Circle Sprint races this year (2015)??? Please??? :) TY... I see Ross has those dates posted in the RPM/SCSC events calendar for 2015...
  4. Friday Dec 26th or Saturday Dec 27th at Marine Stadium LB???

    Is anyone interested in meeting up at the stadium for some bbq and a little fellowship??? I will post this on HotBoat and on RDP also to see if we can get a group together... Last I heard there is plenty of water in Marine Stadium, limits on horseplay in the stadium water would be strictly...
  5. Marine stadium... Aug..2012...looking back

    Hope to see you there.......Enjoy. Marine Stadium...Aug..2012.....Looking Back
  6. Robby Gordon Stadium Super Trucks

    Off the Water
    SST truck in San Diego May 5 Saturday.|err
  7. 2012 Long Beach Marine Stadium Races

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone who put together such a professional program, I had a blast,being there with the Vintage Boat Crew, we had nine boats displayed. Glad to see so many ask questions about V-drives and restoration processes. Ross and his crew did a great job! I also...
  8. AZ Cardinals Stadium

    PB Open Water
    I am looking for tickets for the game on the 23rd against Philadelphia. I've never been to the stadium so I'm looking for advice on seating. I don't want to spend much more than 200 per ticket. Here's whats available from stub hub. Are there any other sites that I should use to find tickets...
  9. Marine Stadium update...

    Everything is back to normal on the RV side with regard to the temporary changes / storage lots... The amount of RV parking should be identical to previous years (nothing was lost OR gained)... First come first served, get in line EARLY :D The small basin at the closed end of the stadium is...
  10. Doughnuts and coffee at Marine stadium anyone???

    I'll buy... I will be in LB from tonight through 6/2, anyone up for doughnuts and coffee under the Marine Stadium sign OR the red bench at the rowing center??? Dawn at marine stadium is a beautiful sight... :wink2: PM me... Bruce...................... :D
  11. 2012 Drag Boat races at Marine Stadium....

    Is ANYONE in the know yet??? :D
  12. Eatery in LB near marine stadium

    PB Open Water
    Good place for Breakfast near Marine stadium ? Locals always know best ? Thanks Tom
  13. Dodger stadium beating update

    PB Open Water
    I know the other thread on this got jacked and closed because of the jacking. I read this morning about them letting the first guy go, he was exonerated. They found two other people using evidence, what a concept. So, all the assumptions made about the first suspect - gone, invalid...
  14. Angel Stadium and RV parking

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone know how this works? Can I just show up with my 5th wheel (without any tickets) and just park and party in the parking lot during the game? Brendan
  15. Seen at Marine Stadium.....

    Jet Boats
    Saw this posted on another board, don't know a thing about it other than the owner claims 60 mph on the water. Why? Why, why why?
  16. RV parking at Anaheim Stadium

    PB Open Water
    Just picked up tickets for Feb 7 Supercross and was told that parking is $150 for RV's/Trailers. Is this true?
  17. Old Marine Stadium pics

    Came across some old pictures of some water ski races at marine stadium here in Long Beach and they're different because they're shot from above. Not sure what year they were taken, early to mid 50's would be my guess with a leaning more to the early part. Looks like that could be a early...
  18. Headed to TEXAS STADIUM !!!

    PB Open Water
    Going to watch my DALLAS COWBOYS play the TB Bucs this weekend. It's my first trip to Dallas (Irving) so any suggestions for "must-see" places, bars, clubs, etc. would be greatly appreciated! :)devil Thanks! GO COWBOYS !!!
  19. Angels Stadium Tour

    PB Open Water
    Anyone else get invited to the stadium tour in November?? Something new I guess.
  20. Economy just fine at Dodgers Stadium

    PB Open Water
    Took the family to a Dodger game on Sunday. A friend of mine who is a season ticket holder gave us his seats. Everything looking good. Yeah right. 4 Dodger Dogs 1 Garlic Fries 2 Sodas $42.75 2 Coors Light Beers $24.50 WTF? We went to a Cubs game a couple weeks ago while we were in Chicago...