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  1. [SOLD] Dunn offset 4.3 BBC standard deck

    Parts for Sale
    Dunn offset 4" BBC standard deck Very good condition. 9.8 deck chevy (will work with a 14-71) $350 plus shipping ($795 new) 949/283-four zero zero three Shawn​
  2. Standard bravo one upper driver 1.50r

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD---Standard bravo one upper driver 1.50r i up graded my motor and upper so this was my stock one lived its life behind a stock 454 has 224 hrs on it. serviced every year by high power marine and always ran merc gear fluid in it, i will buff off the scuff marks you can see in the pic, i have...
  3. WTB Blower intake for BBC Standard deck

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    Please call 8057971841
  4. Expectations ? Standard to Lo-Pro Intake

    Jet Boats
    Going from a Standard Suction Intake to one of Jacks LoPro intakes what can one realistically notice ? More Speed ? Better Ride ? Less HP to Run Impeller at same speed as Std Intake ? Just asking cause I made the swap and Curious what those who did so also found out by doing so .
  5. ***WANTED*** Supercharger and standard deck bbc intake

    Parts for Sale
    1071/871 preferred BUT i'm open to other packages. 420,671 will be considered. Polished isn't necessary and mixed match components are welcomed. Rebuilds will be considered as long as seller is willing to provide unit for inspection by a reputable service center.
  6. [SOLD] Clevite CB-743 HN rod bearings BBC standard size full set NEW

    Parts for Sale
    Have a full set of Rod Bearings for a BBC in Standard size.. these are Clevite CB-743 HN (Hardened Narrow) I can not use them since im running a .010 crank now.. brand new in the box set for 8 rods.. New @ summit is 111.76 .. sell the set shipped to your door for 87.50 .. located in the...
  7. Standard bore Gen 6 block / needs a sleeve

    Parts for Sale
    7 Cylinders look good Standard / standard virgin block with 2 cracks in # 3cyl.. The crank that was in this motor was untouched and reused. It was running perfect before It dropped a valve seat. 400 OBO. Trying to recoop some of my costs. Thanks
  8. [SOLD] New supermag 3 with transformer bbc, sbc standard deck

    Parts for Sale
    Mallory super mag 3 with transformer .Bought this from an old boat racer that said it was new , never used. I looked it over and it does not appear to have any use. The bronze gear has no marks as well as the base and cap and rotor. The transformer bracket does not appear to have been bolted up...
  9. 433" BBC short block standard deck 9.8 $1200

    Parts for Sale
    433" BBC standard deck (9.800) short block. Zero time since built. It is a 427 BBC Hi-Perf 2-bolt main block, steel 3.750" crank with double keyway, +.030" overbore (4.280"), Mahle 12.5 forged pistons, roller cam (no specs), Groden aluminum rods, double roller chain. billet cam gear, oil pump...
  10. SB Rockers - Long slot or standard

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a small I/O with a mostly stock 350 SBC (out of an 84 Suburban). When I put it in the boat I changed the cam to a Comp 268H (advertised duration 268in and ex, @.050 218 in and ex) with a .454 lift. I put this cam in years ago, without changing springs or rockers. I have kept the RPM at...
  11. any tunnels with high hp and standard berk intake made a droop vs hph change up?

    Jet Boats
    Was just curious if anyone with a std intake tunnel and at least a grand in hp made the switch from your basic droop to a place hph mini droop? What kinda nozzle angle do you run to race?thinkin about making the switch but wanted to hear some opinions on them first.i dont need alot of transom...
  12. BAE Standard Deck 4.4675 BAE Forged Block For Sale - Needs Work

    Parts for Sale
    Brad Anderson Enterprises Forged (Billet) block, 4.4675 sleeves, standard deck, bronze bushed lifter bores for .904 lifters, raised std. cam, uses the short newer head studs. Has (8) brand new sleeves from BAE installed. I bought this block as a ready to run repaired block from Lone Star...
  13. [SOLD] A Standard set of 15% 10 Degree Casale LH Gears

    Parts for Sale
    15% 10 Degree Casale Gears Great shape ( 175.00 ) plus shipping Check only
  14. [For Sale] 2007 chevy 1500 standard cab short bed

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
  15. Standard or hv oil pump

    Jet Boats
    Hey I know this isn't a "Jetboat" question, but I see alot of good tech talk on these forums in here, do you run a standard or hv oil pump in a jet boat motor...? A guy told me never to run a hv pump, i don't know why, is there a reason? Maybe not with a stock pan, but a 8-10qt pan should you...
  16. Standard or hv oil pump

    Bob Teague
    Here's a simple one for a few of you, but to ease my mind when should a hv oil pump be used....? 468bbc iron head motor, all comp internals, 10-1 comp, so it's a mild 500hp that will push 5500ish rpm. I haven't decided on my pan, either a open sump 8qt with doors i found cheap in ebay, or a...
  17. Reverse Rotation Prop on standard bravo 1 drive

    So a buddy of mine just purchased a Hallet Deck boat and it seems to lean to the left all the time since all the passengers are always on the left side of the boat (Right side captains chair). Question... He needs a new prop anyway would it be wise to think of getting a left hand prop to help...
  18. [For Sale] 1998 Chevy C1500 Parting out 4.3 v-6 standard cab..

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    have a 1998 Chevy C1500 truck im parting out.. manual doors standard cab truck.. body is in good shape and engine/trans have 102K miles on them and run fine.. Rats have chewed under the dash and ruined the wire harness so parting the truck out.. lots of good parts.. located N.E of Sacramento in...
  19. Wtb bbc standard deck blower manifold

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a blower manifold set up for nozzle port injection for standard deck bbc.
  20. alum tanks standard 8 1/2 x 50 $250 like new

    Parts for Sale
    no dings no strap mounts just get them polished $250