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  1. Saw the new Star Wars movie today (thumbs down)

    PB Open Water
    I did not care for it. The movie was way too long. Harrison Ford was flat. Story was way too close to the original. Lucas was a better caretaker of the story line. But for 4 billion dollars, l guess l would let someone else give it a try. Be safe, Merry Christmas too. schick
  2. Other Magna Flowl Pro Star 500 Pump

    Parts for Sale
    Magna Fuel Pro Star 500 Pump I have a Magna Flow 500 pump for sale. Was bought a few years ago for a project and never got used. asking $250 OBO Thanks for looking, Bill 443-271-3718
  3. Quad star fuel injection hat

    Parts for Sale
    I have a brand new 4 hole quad star hat,, all polished ,, bird catcher mounting spacing ,, has butterflies, shaft , jbr carbon dist block with stainless lines ,, that stuff was in a box ,, will have more pics in a couple days if interested, decided to go carb. Same hat they run on whiskey river...
  4. Sea Star Pro HC5348 cylinder on a 1998 Johnson 200 hp?

    Does anyone know if a Sea Star Pro HC5348 cylinder will work on a 1998 Johnson 200hp? The manual says to use the HC5345 cylinder with this motor, but I switched from a 1989 Johnson 200 (which takes the 5348) to this '98 Johnson. My current cylinder only has about an hour or so use on it. Looks...
  5. Evo Boats Party Star 34 For Sale

    Boats for Sale
    2009 Evolution Powerboats party star 34, EVO 34' Party Star - full custom from end to end. 496HO, bravo 3, wake designs ski tower, bennet trim tabs, livorsi controls, ski locker, 5 person bar, seats 22 people legally, 12" subwoofers, swim step, custom graphics underneath lexan side panels...
  6. Evolution Party Star 34

    Boats for Sale
    2009 Evolution Powerboats - Evo Party Star 34 - full custom from end to end. 496HO, bravo 3, wake designs ski tower, bennet trim tabs, livorsi controls, ski locker, 5 person bar, seats 22 people legally, 12" subwoofers, swim step, custom graphics underneath lexan side panels, custom 30"...
  7. Party like a Rock Star, Party like a Rock Star!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Well we all new it, but here's the number, 1.4 BILLION tax payer dollars Obama has spent on himself and his family, quoting him directly, "In the worst recession since the great depression!" Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year | The Daily Caller
  8. aero star props????

    what's the skinny on these....great set up or gimmick?:))THumbsUpor:))ThumbsDwn
  9. Sprint cup all star race

    PB Open Water
    Is it just me or is this the first race I have watched on TV, or seen in person that did not start with the NATIONAL ANTHEM. COME ON. MY KEYBOARD NEEDS A BREATHALYZER
  10. Star Fish in waco

    Jet Boats
    it was great to see you Gearhead in waco... wish you had a few more passes to get the boat dialed but theres always next time.. Youve done a great job with this boat !! she runs hard. 8.33 at 122mph
  11. [For Sale] Sand Star Paddles & douglas wheels

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    Selling a set of sand star rear paddles on douglas red label rims & dune tracker fronts on IPT rims. Very little use these where on my 2006 Honda TRX 450 will fit other quads. $275 or best offer. FTF in west covina area. Rear tire size 20x11-10 front tire size 22x8-10
  12. Meet the Twins - Prawn Star & Buick

    Jet Boats
    Here are some pic's of probably the only 2 fully restored Berkeley Jet Kona's in South Africa. My one is the red one, called "Prawn*" and the blue one is called "Buick". I currently run a stock 460 Ford while the blue one is powered by a 383 Chevy. Some pics with the original 455 Olds, the...
  13. Another liberal shining star!

    Political Rhetoric
    If his grammar wasn't so good and his thoughts somewhat coherent, I'd swear this clown was 'ol z. Speaking of our military and questioning why they were receiving packages from college Republicans, Dr. Thomas Walker said: "What are they doing for us? Nothing. But against us they're doing a lot...
  14. Teague 5 Star Parts Dept.

    PB Open Water
    Comment: I had a problem with a sea strainer I purchased from Teague Custom Marine. I returned it to them for repair or replacement and they made the repair to the unit and returned it with a nice explanation. They said they repaired the one I sent but it looked brand new when I got it back...
  15. cool video of the star spangled banner

    PB Open Water
  16. [SOLD] magnaflow pro star 500 with filter

    Parts for Sale
    Used Magnaflow pro star 500 w/ filter -12 in and -10 out fittings included $375 plus shipping
  17. Who wants to be a movie star????

    PB Open Water I asked the wife and she said no f-n way, lol.:D
  18. where to eat in corona 5 star type

    PB Open Water
    wheres a nice romantic place for dinner in corona.area.4/5 star.must have steak she likes shrimp scampi type...23rd aniversary.....
  19. On*Star - They've Got Everyone Fooled

    PB Open Water
    **EDIT - Pics are attached on 2nd page** I've got an 07 GMC Sierra 2500HD that came with OnStar as did my 04 Silverado that I had before it. I've always liked the idea of having OnStar on the way out to Parker - just a piece of mind in case anything happens on the way, someone is notified...
  20. A Gold Star for the Pres

    Political Rhetoric
    The President today really jumped on the Wqll Street execs who took/gave bonus money from us taxpayers at the end of December. His language was very strong for any politician. I'm not a fan of his, but I like the way he's starting thing off, with the strong exception of the stimulation money...