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  1. Steve Peterson's 621 alloy turbo engine.

    GN7 On the Dyno
    This is an all aluminum 621 cubic inche engine I assembled for Steve about 7 years ago, give or take, and was never run. At some point he pulled the dry sump pan off to have it modified to clear the starter motor, and I guess due to his health it was left off the engine for an extended period of...
  2. Steve Harvey @ Needles boat show 2016

    Apparently Billy has contacted Steve Harvey to be incharge of the awards ceremony at the 2016 Hot Boat Show. Good move Billy, this way nothing will get f#*ked up. Hope to see yall there.
  3. 1977 Steve Jone Starfire SE race boat

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  4. Hey Steve Sherman!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Do you approve? ;)
  5. Thank you Steve Penberthy........

    ...........for trusting me with the purchase of your badass 501! :3: Don't worry, Joe will be the only one to ever lay a finger on this rig, and it will be interesting to see what it runs after it's set up for all-out 1,000' passes. (:)eek(:)
  6. [SOLD] profiler 12 degree top end from steve schmdit

    Parts for Sale
    1 set of 12 degree pro filer ported by steve schmdit ti valves jesel rockers manley spring profiler tunnel ram fresh made big hp on a 632.916-968-4403
  7. [Question] looking for steve drennan in long beach

    looking for steve if you know were he is call me 928 5664104 thanks
  8. Please say a prayer for Steve D

    Steve D is in the hospital getting Chemotherapy. Also he has 103dg. temp. I just got this info from his brother in law Tommy who is on his way to the hospital to see him. this is not the first time for Steve so lets keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Get well Steve.
  9. [SOLD] steve zepeda new 1050 dominator carb

    Parts for Sale
    steve zepeda new 1050 dominator carb 600.00 plus 20.00 for shipping call robert at 713 208 7447 for any ?
  10. Steve D empty your PM folder!

    For hell sakes :D
  11. You missed out Steve...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Super boat Sunday
  12. Kurtis Dragboat (was Steve Hodge's)

    New color for a bitchen boat! I thought it looked pretty damn good before, but it's freakin awesome now!! Nice work Billy!!:)devil Before: Fresh paint:
  13. Steve Hall (Pioneer Boats) has Passed

    Jet Boats
    I was just advised that Steve Hall of Pioneer Boats (formerly built here in Atascadero) Passed away Monday, RIP Tom and Crew
  14. Great Old Steve Jones Starfire found

    This boat is in amazing shape has been very well cared for! Ford 351 Cleveland :cool:
  15. Only on LA fwys- Welcome Steve Nash

    PB Open Water
    Saw This on The KTLA Morning News.;) Excited Lakers Fans Pass Steve Nash A Beer Between 2 Moving Cars - YouTube
  16. Old Photo Restored Steve Jone Starfire

    Steve Jones on left and Mervin Hooker is driver out for test run on Lake Washington 1967
  17. Steve Earle Memorial Puddingstone Regatta

    The Sanction is in!! Only 3 weeks before the event...:cool: What do you expect from a bunch of working stiffs putting on a boat race..:captain: March 23rd - March 25th Steve Earle Memorial Puddingstone Regatta | American Power Boat Association
  18. Cut down Steve Jones Starfire

    The first Jones Starfires had tall sides Hi-decker my Father Jim Hooker had the idea to cut down the deck and make the flat deck to make them sleek and fast and thats SS-300 after it was cut down ran as the K-300 "Better Idea" Clyde Pruitt he had Impire Marine in Tacoma
  19. Lets have another GO-Kart challenge STEVE get'r done!

    What about another GO KART challenge ??? The last one was awesome i think we had 30+ people !!
  20. Steve earle funeral

    Steve earles funeral is going to be this friday the 6th,viewing starts 10 am and funeral at 12 noon pierce bros valhalla cemetery in north hollywood,located at 10621 victory and clybourn.all that knew him welcome to attend.