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  1. FOR SALE Classic 1964 Stevens Flat Bottom (Project)

    1964 Stevens Flat Bottom (Project). The boat itself is in good condition. Only thing wrong is a bad stringer. That said I would probably replace both of them while it's apart. I have it stripped down and ready for stringer replacement and hardware reassembly. Comes with good trailer which I also...
  2. Under 23' Classic Stevens Flat Bottom V Drive Project

    Boats for Sale
    1964 Stevens Flat Bottom (Project). The boat itself is in good condition. Only thing wrong is a bad stringer. That said I would probably replace both of them while it's apart. I have it stripped down and ready for stringer replacement and hardware reassembly. Comes with good trailer which I have...
  3. [SOLD] STEVENS 1967 18ft

    Boats for Sale
    Stevens Center Deck, Rare Find,Very solid boat, Glass tanks removed and mounts for RUSSEL stainless tanks,solid stringers with holes filled and reglassed by the best in Northern California, 10* Casale 18 gears,4 Glass bucket seat with white upholstry, all hardware except motor mounts and prop...
  4. [SOLD] Stevens v-drive parting out. SBC lotsof nice parts 12 degree box

    Parts for Sale
    have a 1966 Stevens Flatbottom v-drive i am parting out.. engine is a small block chevy which i am keeping.. all the parts on it are for sale along with everything in boat.. 12 degree split case casale unknown gears 700.00 will verify if someoneis interested.. also has tach drive on it...
  5. 63 stevens

    Boats for Sale
    1963 stevens wood deck, good floors and stringers. deck and gunnels in need of repair, no v drive. Tandem axle trailer $700 obo bill of sale
  6. cracker box by stevens dragboatcity

    hey spike did stevens make 4 crackers................ Stevens Flat Bottom «
  7. 63 Stevens and no fuses?

    Hi guys, I have a 1963 Stevens. Right now it is in pieces, meaning engine and components out. The wiring desperately needs to be re wired and I don't see a fuse block or in line fuses anywhere. I'm so confused. I know this is an old boat but not a single fuse anywhere? Stevens owners, please...
  8. 67 stevens project

    Finally found one of my dream projects. Sold the 20 ft Rayson gn this Year to Mike Stock and he will race the crap out of it but it left a spot in my shop for another project. While building a shop for a client this week he had this Stevens behind the barn and WOW, I had to have it. The hull and...
  9. Sbairboy stevens attention spike

    SBAIRBOY....STEVENS............ Sbairboy Junior MemberJoin DateSep 2017Posts1 Hey guys - I have been directed here (and specifically to Spike) from a couple of other forums. I recently acquired what I have been told is an old Stevens flat bottom v-drive and I am looking to find more...
  10. 1963 Stevens SK Skier

    Boats for Sale
    Anyone looking for a project boat would do well to check my offering out. I bought this boat years back, for a friend who told me he was looking for this very boat, but that friend wasn't really serious about wanting it and backed out. I've kept it, covered, but I have enough to keep me busy...
  11. [SOLD] 1970 Stevens

    Boats for Sale
    18Ft. Stevens.Complete restoration,427 BBC built by Louis performance in Lake Havasu,12 degree v-drive with 18 gears.Boat rigged by D'Cucci boats.Vance trailer completely restored with original Craiger keystone mag's.Less then 1Hr. run time.Have receipts for all work. Located in Bullhead City...
  12. UMPBADragsRaces Stevens Point WI Aug 20th

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    ******UMPBA Drags Races Stevens Point WI Aug 20th****** UMPBA will hold 1000' drags Aug 20th at Bullheads Bar and Grill/ Rivers Edge Campground. Races are scheduled to start at 11AM and run until 6PM or when all classes completed The race site is located just a few miles north of the city...
  13. Stevens 17' flat bottom

    I recently picked up from what I was told is a 1967 Stevens 17' SK flat bottom the serial number is 376 tho which makes me think it's older, atleast from what I've read. I'm told it's got a 421 Pontiac in it but from what I've looked up the casting numbers In the block and heads make it look...
  14. [Question] Is it a Stevens

    V-Drives$7k.html MOUSER had one, so it this what a Steven hydro or tunnel looked like from the front?
  15. [Question] Looking for Price Range on Stevens Flat

    West Coast - South
    Hello, I'm looking at a 1965 Stevens Flat bottom. Hoping someone here can help. The boat is a 17ft Stevens Silhouette with a 1964 Pontiac 389 GTO Motor and v-drive with the exhaust through the transom, also has set an forget and peddle for cav plate. Seats 4 . It sets on the original tandem...
  16. 1968 Steven's wood deck restoration

    January 2016---No better way to start the year off than to start a full "cosmetic" restoration of my 1968 Steven's 17 foot wood deck v-drive!. I've been dialing in the "hardwear" and engine over the last 2 years & the boat has been a lot of fun.--- But it kinda looks like one of those classic...
  17. '65 Stevens Ski Boat Engine

    OK, so here’s the deal…some years back, I bought a 1965 Stevens 18’ Silhouette flatbottom, less engine, to put back together as my ski boat. I’m going to share with you some aspects of building an engine for a ski boat. Not buying, not re-building from an already existing engine, but building...
  18. So . . . Who really Killed Christopher Stevens?

    Political Rhetoric
    Whoops!!! Killary redacted this sentence from her submitted e-mail but the NY Times got a copy of the original which includes this sentence: “FYI. The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered.” Many believe this is exactly what Christopher Stevens knew -...
  19. This Stevens came in my shop today

    Anyone recognize it?
  20. 1964 Steven's Father Son resto project

    This little 64 Stevens, pictured here during the summer of 2013, was owned by Tyson Garten (longtime friend of our family). My Bro (Patrick R. Minegar, AKA V-Driver Forever) purchased it from Tyson and gifted it to our son Ryan Minegar and his wife Leanna: what an Uncle! Ryan and I are going to...