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  1. Wife sticking her foot in it.

    Jet Boats
    Kristi @ Twak 6/2/12 Making her first pass in the tunnel - YouTube Kristi @ Twak 6/2/12 2nd pass sticking her foot in it - YouTube
  2. Sticking lifters/noise black crap in oil?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Guys, what could black, sooty-like particles be in engine oil in a BBC? Could it be black moly assembly lube that has stayed in the engine through several oil changes? The crud does not seem to be magnetic and I cannot 'feel' it between my fingers. I have a plugged oil bypass and have used K&N...
  3. Uh Oh Dems Sticking Their Foot in their Mouth Again

    Political Rhetoric
    South Carolina democratic charman Carol Fowler say's Palin's only qualification for VP is that she didn't have an abotion(:)eek(:)
  4. Driveline keeps sticking to shaft??

    Jet Boats
    I dunno is there anything I can paint the shaft with to see where things are hanging up. When I bought the dl I couldn't get it on the shaft at all. After an hour with a file it went on with some encouragement. So I called Tom and he urged me to pull it back apart. So I did and filed some more...
  5. Trailer hitch sticking

    Tow Vehicles
    Does this ever happen to any of you? Every time I go to pull my boat off the ball, it sticks. I have to crank it up high, then get in the truck and move slightly forward or back to get it to pop off. Should I just spray some WD40 on the ball?