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  1. The three douche stooges ride again !!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Can anything be more of an insult to America than these three greedy immoral sleezeballs? ... Really! Even you righties must gag on this team up :))ThumbsDwn GOP triple play: Romney, Trump and Gingrich to campaign together – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs
  2. Three Stooges Movie

    PB Open Water
    I heard that MGM is making a three Stooges Movie. I read Sean penn is playing Larry, Jim carrey is playing Curly and Benicio Del Toreo is playing Moe. What do you think, seems like pretty bad casting to me. This isn't BS either:)bulb
  3. 3 Stooges Fans

    PB Open Water
    Rumor Has It, The Farrelly Bros. Are Making A 3 Stooges Movie. Rumored Cast Is : Moe = Johnny Depp Larry = Sean Penn Curley = Kevin James This Is Going To Be Some Funny Chit !!!!::D